Jooble Explores How to Become an Interior Designer Abroad

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Are you an aspiring interior designer looking to take your career abroad? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Interior design is a rapidly growing field and there are plenty of opportunities for talented professionals around the world.

From learning new methods in different cultures to expanding your network across multiple countries, becoming an international interior designer could be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. But before taking off on this adventure, it’s important to understand what it takes to make it as an international interior designer.

We have collaborated with experts from job aggregator Jooble to delve into all aspects of becoming an interior designer abroad— from gaining experience overseas and navigating local regulations to finding jobs abroad and building relationships with clients from other countries. With this information in hand, you can start planning for a successful career as an international interior designer!

Benefits of Becoming An Interior Designer Abroad

1. Expand your design horizons. Working in a different country can open up new possibilities for creativity and design, as you learn to think outside the box and take inspiration from foreign cultures.

2. Enjoy a unique lifestyle. Becoming an interior designer abroad will give you the opportunity to experience a completely different way of life, one you otherwise would never have had the opportunity to experience.

3. Make valuable connections. Working in a foreign country also puts you in contact with people who may be able to help your career, such as other interior designers, contractors, and potential clients.

4. Master a different language. Learning a new language is always worthwhile, but having the ability to communicate with people in their native tongue can be a real asset in the design industry.

5. Enjoy diverse opportunities. By working abroad, you have the opportunity to take on projects and clients from other countries and even learn different methods of interior design that are not available in your home country.

6. Get paid more for doing what you love. Most skilled professionals, including interior designers, earn higher salaries when they take their skills abroad.

7. Explore a new culture. Working overseas gives you the chance to explore a different way of life and learn about cultures that you may never have been exposed to before. 8. Enjoy greater satisfaction in your work. The experience of working in a foreign country can be incredibly rewarding and can give you a sense of accomplishment that is hard to find anywhere else.

9. Make lifelong memories. While working abroad, you’ll have the opportunity to experience amazing places and create unforgettable memories with people from around the world.

10. Build confidence in yourself and your abilities as an interior designer!

Steps To Becoming an Interior Designer Abroad

Becoming an interior designer abroad requires a great deal of hard work and dedication. Here are three steps you need to take to reach your goal:

  • Gaining Experience

The first step towards becoming an interior designer abroad is gaining experience in the field. This can be done through volunteering for existing projects and organizations with experienced designers, working with local interior designers, and considering interior design internship jobs, whether in-person or online. These experiences will not only give you a better understanding of the field but also allow you to expand your network and gain important contacts, opening up opportunities for international career prospects.”

  • Obtaining Formal Education

To become an interior designer abroad, it is essential to obtain formal education. This includes researching and choosing an accredited institution abroad, meeting admission requirements, and pursuing a degree or certification in interior design. Having formal education will give you the proper tools and knowledge to succeed as an interior designer abroad.

  • Networking

The third step towards becoming an interior designer abroad is networking. Developing professional relationships with experienced designers abroad, attending conferences and industry events, and joining professional interior design associations are all ways to broaden your contacts and skills. Networking is a great way to gain more experience, meet potential employers, and land that first job as an interior designer abroad.

Famous Interior Designers Alive and Dead

From the legendary Coco Chanel to the up-and-coming talents, there are many influential figures in interior design. From classic and traditional looks to modern and minimalist designs, these designers have all made their mark on the world of home decor and design.

The iconic Coco Chanel is best known for her luxury fashion brand, but she also had a knack for interior design. Chanel was renowned for her sophisticated and timeless designs, which often featured luxurious fabrics and bold colors. Her influence can still be seen in many modern living spaces today.

Modern interior designers like Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler have taken their cues from Chanel’s approach to creating livable luxury. Wearstler’s bold and eclectic designs feature vivid colors and intricate patterns. Adler, meanwhile, is a master of modern minimalism who takes inspiration from nature to create organic spaces with clean lines.

The late Michael Graves was known for his postmodern style that incorporated bright colors and whimsical elements. His work often featured bold geometric shapes, curved lines, and playful textures.

Finally, there are the modern stars of interior design like Emily Henderson, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, and Ashley Whittaker. Henderson is an expert in creating eclectic home decor that features her signature mix of colors and patterns. Lawrence Bullard has mastered the art of blending traditional interiors with contemporary elements for a timeless look. Whittaker is a master at creating fresh and modern spaces with her sophisticated use of pattern, texture, and color.

From traditional to modern styles, these famous interior designers have all had an influence on the world of home decor and design. Whether you’re looking for timeless sophistication or something more playful and eclectic, these are some of the most influential figures in the industry.


Becoming an interior designer abroad can be a rewarding and exciting experience. With the right research, preparation, and hard work you can find success in this field no matter where you are located. Whether it’s learning about local regulations or understanding the culture of the area, there is plenty to learn before starting your career as an international interior designer. With dedication and commitment, you will be able to create beautiful designs that reflect both your creativity and cultural influences from around the world!

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