Essential Ways to Keep Your Franklin, TN, Home Tidy

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Franklin, TN, is a wonderful place to live; it’s a festive city, with plenty of activities available all year round. Its friendly downtown shopping center and remarkable music scene mean you’ll never be bored if you live here.

When you have an amazing home with carefully chosen decor, you want to show it off – but what was once a beautiful space can easily get run down and ruddy should you not be careful about cleaning. Counters, tables, linens, and windows are at the top of your list, of course, but many people overlook some of the most critical areas of the home when they build their cleaning routine. Today, we’ll discuss how to ensure that you keep your lovingly organized home looking wonderful for those you love.

Develop a Chore Chart

Chore charts aren’t just for children: they’re also perfect for those with busy schedules who want to be sure they didn’t miss a spot. With so many other things on your mind, you may not remember the last time that you cleaned the oven or dusted your bookshelves, which is why it’s so helpful to have tangible reminders of what you need to do. This is especially important for those with executive dysfunction disorders like ADHD, which can make it difficult to clean regularly.

A great way to fix this is to make a classy chore chart that simply looks like a decoration to those not in the know. Develop a chart, then print it out and frame it in an inconspicuous place; next, spray paint a dry-erase marker, glue a magnet to it, and glue another magnet to the picture frame. This way, you can check off what you’ve done and be sure you didn’t miss anything. Do this for every room in your home, with specialized tasks that are relevant to the furnishings there.

Dust Your Lights

Wonderful lighting can really make a difference in a home. While Franklin, TN, is known for being quite a sunny place, subtle track lighting in strategic areas can provide a warm and cozy feel in the evenings, where you can listen to the night insects chirping while you make yourself a drink.

Unfortunately, lights are also dust magnets because they are often difficult to clean; dust motes trapped there will dim your shine and make an unpleasant experience for everyone. You can buy an extendable duster to reach these areas, especially those inaccessible with a step ladder, such as lights above stairways. You’ll immediately notice the difference in your home’s ambiance once your lights are dust-free.

Clean the Carpets

Carpets are the unsung heroes of any room, and they take quite a beating on a regular basis. Dust mites, pet dander, mold, and pollen all get trapped in the fibers and cannot be removed using a vacuum, which doesn’t have strong enough suction to pull up hidden contaminants deep in the carpet pile. It’s especially important to clean carpets in Franklin because the moist environment is conducive to mold growth, and the high pollen count means you’ll sneeze all year.

Thankfully, there are many cleaning services available. Do a quick search for “carpet cleaning Franklin, TN” and find a reputable company focusing on quality and safety. Try to schedule a cleaning at least once a year, and sooner if you live with sensitive individuals like pets, children, and the elderly.

Decide That Less is More

Everything you own needs maintenance. If you have a lot of belongings, it can feel like you do nothing but constantly clean everything, which can you away from visiting Franklin’s many attractions, like their live music venues. Cleaning can be incredibly overwhelming, so being thoughtful about your displays can make a big difference in your overall quality of life.

As you go through your home, approach each belonging and ask yourself whether it makes you happy or feels like mindless clutter. Place it in storage for a few months, then revisit the item; did you miss it while it wasn’t on display, or did you not think about it? If the answer is the latter, then it may be time to depart with this object.

Paring down your items can be difficult, particularly if you live with others, so don’t feel that you need to do everything at once: take your time and be intentional rather than throwing everything away in a frantic cleaning spree. You’ll find that you feel more comfortable when you’re not constantly tripping over items or having to wipe down a chair that you never sit in.

Franklin is an amazing city full of wonderful people; your home is an asset to the beauty of your hometown, but only if you take care of it and think about those little spots in your house that don’t get enough attention. Analyze your daily activities and work to include a regular cleaning schedule – with a little help from professionals, who can tackle things that the average homeowner cannot. With thought and a close eye, your house will become a happening place that welcomes neighbors to stay a while.

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