The 3 Latest Trends in Smart Homes Security

Young woman looking at home security panel or screen
Young woman looking at home security panel or screen

With technology developing as we speak come more possibilities, some of which we could not imagine in our wildest dreams. Opinions on technology and smart devices have always been divided.

Some people consider them dangerous in a way, as a replacement for human intelligence, and humanity in general. Others consider them helpful in our daily lives. As long as we use technology in our favor (and, of course, ethically), it really can be something that makes our lives easier.

When it comes to using technology in your home, it goes a long way. From the most basic kitchen and bathroom appliances to robot vacuums, smart thermostats, and house security systems, everything goes.

Using technology in securing your home from unwanted situations is something that gives much-needed peace of mind to more and more people around the world. Here are some trends related to smart home security that can help you feel safer in your place.

1. Smart locks

Scared of losing your house keys all the time, or feeling weird when you have to give them to your babysitter? Well, this one might be just the right thing for you. Smart locks give you the possibility to lock and unlock your doors remotely.

Locking entrance door with a smart phone

You do not have to give your house keys to anyone again if that makes you feel uncomfortable. Plus, you would not have to worry if your kids lost their copies. Losing keys is a very stressful moment for anyone, and you always have to change your locks if that happens, just in case.

With smart locks, you can remotely unlock your doors for your kids coming home from school, babysitter, petsitter, and anyone that comes to your house while you are not there. These locks are great for combining with other smart devices, especially camera systems, so you can see who is at the front door.

2. Video Doorbells and CCTV

Quite self-explanatory, these devices give you the option to see who is at the door and also communicate with them. Besides this classic usage, video doorbells have infrared technology, so night vision is possible.

Most people use these as a safety measure because it detects movement outside your home. Plus, you can check on your packages and potential thieves in the neighborhood.

These come in various styles with different possibilities and are good to pair up with other smart devices. You might need to contact professionals for certain types of cctv installation.

Close Up Of Male Courier Delivering Package To House Ringing Front Doorbell

3. Virtual housekeeper

Yes, you have seen it right. It does not clean your house for you, unfortunately. Swiss company got the idea that a smart choice for home security does not have to be classic surveillance. If a potential burglar thinks that someone is home, chances are they will not try to get in.

You have probably left a light on in your home at least once in your life, to create the illusion that someone is there. Mitipi, a company from Switzerland decided to take this to a whole another level. Presenting Kevin – your virtual home security guard!

Kevin is artificial intelligence programmed to make noises in your house, mimicking the sounds of a regular person just doing their things around the house. The program can turn on the lights and the TV, and it can create an illusion of a shadow that moves, just as your own shadow would move with you.

Kevin is programmed to start as soon as you leave the house and the whole system also has a smoke detector alarm, motion sensor, and alarm, in case the burglar decides to crash regardless of the noises.

Woman using smart home app

Last but not least, no matter how equipped and protected your home is, it is always necessary for you to get adequate insurance. Consult an agent to help you understand homeowners insurance and find the best solution to protect your valuables.

Smart home security has a lot of benefits. Most of the systems are made to be simple and easy to install, so you can DIY them if you are tech-savvy. Some do have to be installed by professionals though.

We encourage you to do your research to find the best option that suits your needs and budget. Safety and peace should always be your priorities.

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