Adding Luxury Touches to Your Mechanicsburg, PA Home


When you first bought the home that you are currently living in, were you 100% satisfied with every feature that it came with? In almost every residential real estate transaction, the buyer is choosing a home that may be close to their vision but is not a perfect match. Once they move in, they then have the option to tackle home improvement projects to make the changes that they desire.

Not everyone can afford a luxury home in a gated community, but that does not mean that you cannot elevate your experience as a homeowner. There are many luxury upgrades that you can make to the house that will make it feel more comfortable and high-end. Just because you couldn’t afford the 6-bedroom, 5-bathroom mansion does not mean you shouldn’t get to experience luxury.

Let’s take a look at some upgrades that you can make to your house that will add a little bit of luxury to your home in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Minimalist Bathroom

The bathroom is an important space in the house, and there are creative ways to make it feel like a more luxurious room. The idea is to stick to minimalism. Bathrooms with clean lines and minimal decor create a sense of openness and more space. Plus, minimalism can make the bathroom seamlessly blend with the interior design of the rest of the house. In addition to clean lines and right angles for the fixtures and cabinetry, neutral colors can also be chosen. Together, these choices create a bathroom that looks cleaner and feels spacier for a luxurious experience.

Pendant Lights

Lighting in your home plays a big role in the aesthetics of the interior. Table lamps, floor lamps, and other fixtures can appear very basic, adding nothing to the style of the room. Pendant lights are unique because they hang down from the ceiling but are very minimalistic. They can be spread throughout the room to evoke a chic look. There are plenty of options to choose from, so you can easily find a set that fits with the style of the room while making it appear more upscale.

Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you are entertaining or enjoying a nice evening with the family, dining outside is a wonderful experience. An outdoor kitchen can feel very luxurious, giving you multiple locations to prepare food in the home. Paired with a beautiful deck built by Mechanicsburg contractors, your outdoor kitchen will turn your backyard into a paradise for your family, friends, and guests whenever they stop by for a visit.

Painting Interior Doors

If you have ever been inside a luxury home, you have probably noticed how stylish they can be. Ornate architecture, paintings on the walls, and other decor choices make the home stand above others in terms of aesthetics. You can bring some of this flair to your home as well by painting interior doors. Typically, interior doors are a basic wood color or white. But there is no reason why you cannot get creative with the design of this feature. Make sure you know how to paint an interior door effectively so that this element can level up the luxury in your home.


Natural lighting is an important element in any building. If the only lights you rely on are artificial, it could have a negative effect on your mental health. Sunlight can bring a room together, brighten the space, and reduce the need for lights to be on all the time. One effective way to increase the amount of sunlight in a room is to install skylights. These ceiling windows are a unique feature that can make the room feel more open, bright, and luxurious.

Smart Technologies

Homes are becoming smarter. You can control so many aspects of the house right from your mobile device with the right appliances. Temperature control can occur right from the palm of your hand. Security cameras can feed directly into your mobile device as well. The lighting system, entertainment features, and other appliances can also be accessed from the phone with the right software installed. Using smart technology throughout your home can up the ante in terms of luxury, making the home more functional and easy to control the utilities.

Luxury on a Budget is Possible

As mentioned before, most people cannot afford a massive house that comes with all the above features. However, you can choose from the list above to incorporate one or more luxury features into your home to create an upscale experience. An outdoor kitchen alone can completely change how you experience life in this house, while pendant lights or painting interior doors are small changes that can have a big impact on the aesthetics of a particular room. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to make your home a little more high-end. Choose a project that excites you and turn your Mechanicsburg home into a dream space for you and your family.

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