5 Design Tips To Maximize Your Small Home Office Space

Work space at home. Home office and telecommuting concept
Work space at home. Home office and telecommuting concept

If your company is implementing a remote or hybrid working style, it’s a sound decision to convert an area in your living space into a home office. Working from home should be comfortable and convenient for you. However, if you’re worried about your limited space, fret not; this post is intended to guide you on transforming it into an effective small home office space.

Whether you live in an apartment, condominium, or small house, there are a lot of design strategies to maximize space. And by adding ergonomic or modular furniture and incorporating design elements, you’ll surely achieve the workspace of your dreams.

Without further ado, here are some invaluable design tips for creating the best small home office space:

1. Prepare The Best Office Furniture

It goes without saying that a suitable desk is one of the most important components of any remote-work setup. Fortunately, you won’t run short of choices for the best L shaped desks. Many office furniture companies constructed these desks mindful of the ergonomics, aesthetics, and other necessary features. The key is to choose a desk that works for your needs and office space.

If you want to maximize space, it’s best to go for multi-purpose office furniture that can be turned or used into something else. Some office desks are modular and can be hidden in one corner, so they won’t take up much space. Other dedicated desks can have height adjustments so your children can use them as their study tables.

It’s important to select well-designed office furniture or tables that fit in with your décor, especially if they’re located in a shared space with other rooms in your home. While function is important, you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to its aesthetic features too.

2. Choose The Perfect Space

Even if you don’t have an extra room for a home office, you can make one in your living room, bedroom, or other vacant space. You’ll need to go through your entire home and choose the perfect space. It can be under the stairs, by the hallway, in a vacant closet, or in other parts. There are no limitations to ideas for converting it into a home office.

With a little creativity and some planning, you’ll be able to enjoy working comfortably in a relaxing and well-lit workspace. Custom cabinets, desks, and office chairs can be built for any space, so you must determine the space before anything else. Regardless of the space you choose, make sure it isn’t heavily used by other members of your household. Considering how much focus you need to get things done, it’d be suitable to work in an isolated area.

3. Take Advantage Of Mounted Accessories

With little space needs maximum usage. While furniture is essential to your office space, too much can create an overcrowded environment. The best solution for this is to take advantage of mounted accessories. There could be a lot of vertical and wall spaces that you can use.

Cozy Workplace on Balcony. Home Office Space Background.

You can mount some shelves to create more office storage solutions. There are many shelf designs that’ll look neat and uncluttered. Whether you need to stock documents and files, you can choose cabinets that are modern and neat. Aside from shelves, you can even mount your work desk. You may mount your computer screen, too, if you need it placed above your table.

There are a lot of mounted office equipment ideas that’ll look great and give you the best results. Despite their small surface area, some of these furniture items are still capable of providing a lot of storage within your home office.

4. Add Some Splash Of Colors

To give more attention to your design and home office aesthetics, it’s time to add some colors. This is one easy and stylish décor idea that can instantly spice up your home office. Incorporate colors that can positively impact your performance levels and liven up the space. Dark colors have the tendency to limit the appearance of your office space, so it’s best to go for lighter ones instead.

Your home office should be decorated in colors that give it a feeling of openness. White is a stable neutral and doesn’t strain the eyes too much. Light colors widen the space and make it seem brighter even without light as well. If white is too plain and dull, you can choose other calm colors, such as light blue, green, and gray. Consider your interior design and make sure everything can be incorporated harmoniously.

5. Incorporate Indoor Plants

Your small office will feel more spacious when plants and other greenery are added, as they hide the sharp angles. Indoor plants come with a lot of benefits. Aside from decorating your workspace, it can purify indoor air. You can always feel better and calmer when you’re nearby nature. Hence, it’s best to display indoor plants that don’t require much care. Place them on your office table or shelves.


Maintaining focus and productivity is much easier when you have a home office. The good news is your dream workspace at home can be achieved by incorporating some, if not all, of the design tips in this post. You can make a home office that fits your preferences and needs even with restricted space.

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