How Can Your Room Inspire Creative Writing?

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Creative writing isn’t as easy as it might seem. Do you need ideas about subjects for an article? Or have you got a subject, but you’re not sure where to start? It might help to consider your work environment! Your room can be a source of inspiration or a source of frustration. Are you working from home? It’s time to turn your workroom into a creative space. Here we offer you some tips to do just that.

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Use pinboards

Our first tip is to use pinboards. Did you just have a random idea that could be your next great blog? Consider pinning it up on a pinboard! Having your great ideas gathered in one easy-to-see place, like on a pinboard might be just the thing you need to beat writer’s block into submission. When you’re brainstorming ideas for your creative writing, take down notes and keep them to short sentences. Put the notes right behind you, collected in one place, so all you have to do is turn your head and there they are.  You can use sticky notes, a binder, or whatever works for you. Pin up your favorite quotations, observations, random thoughts for your creative papers, new project directions, or whatever you feel has value. Actually, the best way to use a pinboard is to add to it when you’re taking breaks. It may not feel like work, but putting up an idea and having it there for you at your disposal may be just the thing you need to maximize your flow when you get back to writing.

Add a specific design

Many people take in the majority of their information about the surrounding world visually. Consider this fact and you’ll appreciate the power of good design. Think over what you like in home design and now imagine yourself in that perfect creative space. Ok, you may not be able to afford the personal library of leather-bound books, mahogany desk, and crackling fireplace, but you hopefully have carte blanche to arrange your own room and make it as close to the ideal that you imagine given what you have to work with. Your personal taste matters a lot when it comes to home design. Maybe you feel inspired when you’re surrounded by flowers and greenery. Or perhaps you’re a fan of minimalistic design and lots of space. Some people feel most creative in darker rooms with black or blue walls. Use your imagination and do your best to find the perfect design for your working space. If you have a limited budget, you can still transform your room and make it great for creative writing. From time to time, it’s enough to paint your walls a new color or to bring in some decorations that make the space a little cozier.

Get a comfortable seat

Many people might overlook this, but a  good chair might make all the difference in your writing. After all, how are you supposed to concentrate and even be creative if you can’t get comfortable? Think about how much time you spend on your writing. If you spend several hours a day sitting behind a table trying to generate creative ideas, there may be better choices than a hard wooden chair – unless of course, the hard wooden chair helps you stay awake. But do think about your comfort. What position is the most comfortable for you when you’re writing?  Perhaps a big soft armchair that lets you put your legs together and sit back will do the trick. Focusing on your comfort will help you focus on your creative writing.

Do not underestimate the lighting

Next, let’s talk about proper lighting. Never underestimate the power of light. As with your workspace and your chair, your lighting choice comes down to you. For example, if you want to feel comfortable, warm lighting can make a space cozier, more relaxing, or boost productivity. The lighting quality behind the desk where you work can influence your mood differently. Poor lighting can negatively affect your mood and cause you to fall asleep. Lighting that is too bright can make it difficult to concentrate. If you wish to stay productive and creative for most of the working day, consider having a lot of natural light near your desk. Having a large window and putting your table near it is ideal. However, even if you can’t access big windows in your room, you can still select good lighting options. For example, desk lamps that simulate daylight.

Organize your working space

If your working table is a mess, staying inspired and creative while writing may be more difficult for you. The organization of your working space can help you if you want to clear your mind and generate some exciting ideas. Consider purchasing some storage boxes that you can label and get a working table with a lot of space to put all the small stuff you might have. If, for example, you have a lot of books and do not use all of them during writing, you can arrange your space by putting some bookshelves above or behind the table.

Summing up

To sum up,  creating the right environment for working will help you get those creative juices flowing. Use the tips we’ve provided and turn your workspace into a welcoming environment for your muses. We hope that you found this article useful and wish you good luck and loads of inspiration!

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