What Are the Pros and Cons of Teak Furniture?

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Teak is considered the most appealing indoor and outdoor furniture element. It has stood out more than other pieces of furniture due to its durability and fantastic texture. Are you thinking of buying a piece of wooden furniture? If yes, look no further than teakwood, as it has a charm on its own! This furniture material is widely used nowadays, having immense benefits. But it has cons too!

Looking forward to the pros and cons of teak furniture? Let’s get started!

Pros of Teak

1. Versatility

Teak’s versatility is well-known, and it’s a popular timber to work with. Therefore, it can manufacture bench seats, sun lounges, tables, chairs, and storage items. Based on your outdoor furniture preference, teakwood can be stained, kept natural, painted, varnished, or waxed. However, check out this guide to outdoor wood furniture to better comprehend teak’s versatility.

2. Aesthetic charm

One of the best reasons for buying teak furniture is that it boosts the visual appeal of your indoors and outdoors. Being a top-notch hardwood, teak gives a spiffy outlook due to its graining pattern and texture. Moreover, it changes its color to a classic golden brown after it starts aging. Hence, teak furniture incorporates luxury, charm, and impeccability whenever brought home.

3. Higher strength

Teak furniture is a leading hardwood manufactured from broad-leaf short-term trees, and therefore, it has maximum strength. Its strength is similar to softwoods, for example, pinewood or mango wood, and other hardwood types of trees.

4. Moisture-resistant

One of the most notable pros of teakwood furniture is that this material possesses a superior withstanding ability to water and moisture. Because of its higher moisture-resisting ability, teakwood is excellent for manufacturing outdoor and indoor furniture.

Cons of Teak

1. Not budget-friendly

Teakwood isn’t at all affordable to buy. The primary reason for its price is the availability of natural resources over the years. The supply has decreased, whereas the demand remains high. In order to fulfill its maximum demand, teak wood plantations have grown significantly more than the naturally grown teak in the forests.

2. Lack of top-notch quality

Nowadays, duplicate teak wood material is used by furniture makers in the name of the original ones to deceive customers. As a result, it has become difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake teakwood.

In order to identify the authentic teakwood, you must have sufficient information about this tree. However, to be careful, you may also ask professionals for assistance in identifying authentic teakwood furniture. Buyers, on the other hand, may need to determine whether the furniture they purchase is made of teakwood or another type of hardwood.

The conclusion needs to be stated that teak has more advantages than disadvantages. Due to limited supply and great demand, the only significant obstacle is a massive cost. Modern people would gladly choose teak over plywood and particle board. Lastly, always count on renowned teakwood sellers who sell genuine, trendy, and modern teakwood furniture indoors, including bedrooms, drawing rooms, and outdoors.

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