Prevention Tips Inside: 7 Ways How Squirrels Can Make a Mess in Your Home

Squirrel on the porch of a house

You should put all thoughts of squirrels being harmless and cute, especially if you witness first-hand the destruction to a property that they can cause.

The level of mess that you will be left to contend with after a squirrel removal professional has managed to clear them from your home can be a distressing sight. One of the biggest problems you face when it comes to the threat of these furry menaces invading your home and causing havoc is that squirrels only need a 2” hole to get inside your home!

Prevention is definitely better than the cure when you consider how much mess a squirrel can make in your home.

Here is a look at how squirrels can damage your home, plus some squirrel prevention tips to consider.

It can start with power lines

Squirrels are communal in nature and they live in large nests. These nests are often constructed within tree branches or inside holes in the trunk. There can be so many squirrels living in one place that they can put power lines in danger.

This can happen when their collective weight puts too much pressure on the utility or power line that is supported by the tree line.

Look for evidence of chewing and bark being stripped especially if the affected tree is supporting a power line. If squirrels are nesting near your property in this way it also opens up the possibility of them seeking refuge inside your home when the weather gets colder.

Your roof is also vulnerable to damage

Squirrels will often view your rooftop as the perfect venue and terrain for a number of reasons.

It gives them a height advantage that they prefer and it provides an access route to get around without being threatened by humans or dogs. The problem with squirrels using your roof is that they will also look at an opportunity to find a way into your home whilst there.

You really do need to ensure there are no cracks or gaps in the roofline as a family of squirrels will exploit any weakness. Once they find a way inside your property they will have the opportunity to cause the sort of destruction that can give you nightmares when you see the extent of the damage and the cost of repairs to wiring and property.

Squirrel removal from attics should always be considered a top priority when you see what sort of damage they are capable of.

Communication lines can be vulnerable

Another threat to consider is the damage that a squirrel can cause to power and communication lines coming into your property.

If squirrels demonstrate a preference for using these lines as a transport route on a regular basis it creates a threat to their stability. All of that pacing back and forth can have a detrimental impact on the fasteners that are used to hold the wires in place.

If the wires start to drop as a result of carrying this squirrel traffic it could cause them to fall. That creates a safety hazard, not to mention the cost of putting these lines back into place.

You need to take action to dissuade squirrels from using this route of travel around your property. Get some professional guidance if you are not sure what to do to fix this particular problem.

Look out for holes

Squirrels are very adept at chewing their way into your property. Their natural curiosity will lead them to explore a way into your home if they are living close by. Your attic area will be very attractive to them as a breeding ground if they find a way in. That’s bad news in every way possible.

In chewing a hole they could easily chew through a wire. That creates an electrical fault and a potential fire hazard. Make sure you are vigilant in checking your attic for any evidence of squirrels. That could be chewed-up insulation material, droppings, or a strong smell of urine.

If you have any indication that squirrels are in your attic you need to get help immediately before the damage has a chance to get any worse.

Nesting is the next step

Once a family of squirrels has found a way into your attic they will most likely start nesting in there.

It should be strongly emphasized that squirrels are extremely difficult to remove once they start nesting. They will eat through insulation and wiring, or any other materials that look suitable so that they can make a suitable nest for their offspring.

The damage they can cause to your property can be extensive. You have to seek professional help and arrange for them to undertake squirrel removal as a matter of urgency.

Bigger energy bills are a consequence of a squirrel infestation

Squirrels can cause a lot of damage when they start to chew through wires and tear up your insulation.

It is not just the cost of replacing the wiring that you have to worry about. When they degrade the efficiency of your insulation as a result of their destructive tendencies it means you are going to be less energy-efficient.

Your energy bills could be bigger if you let squirrels run riot in your attic.

Damage to your garden

Squirrels can also be responsible for causing unacceptable levels of damage to the grounds surrounding your home.

They love to dig holes and store food for the winter. In digging these holes and foraging for food they can damage your lawn, plants, and any power cables that may have been laid around the perimeter of your property.

The key thing when dealing with the threat of squirrels is to remain vigilant and make it hard for them to make a home around or inside your property.

It would often be a smart move to get help with squirrel removal and prevention when you consider the potential cost of repairing the damage they can cause. You should also be mindful of the fact that some squirrels are protected in certain states, so you have to remove them in the correct and most humane way allowed.

Don’t let squirrels make a mess of your home. Look for signs of damage and take action immediately if you find evidence of nesting activity.

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