The Latest Home Renovation Tips to Increase Your Property’s Value

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With the holidays just around the corner, most of us have the time to reflect on the passing year and make some plans for 2023. This is the time for different types of resolutions and projects. If your goals for 2023 include listing a property for sale, keep reading.

In this article, we will try to help you boost your property’s value with some excellent home renovation tips.

Step by step to a more valuable property

Property ladder

Whether you want to relocate for work or get a bigger or a smaller place for yourself and your family, it is natural to strive to get a better price on the market. There are multiple factors that would determine your property’s value on the market.

Some of these factors are the location of your home, how big it is, how many bedrooms there are, the type of neighborhood, etc. The overall state of the property is also an important factor. In order to get a higher price for your place, sometimes you will need to invest money and time.

Planning is the key

If you have been thinking about selling for a while now, chances are you are already aware of the things you want to replace, refresh and fix in your home. If you do not have savings, you should look for the best option to get some money.

Real estate or property concept.

You might need to apply for a loan that can require collateral, such as a mortgage, or vehicle. Look for the option that is most suitable for you, and if you are not familiar with how loans work, we suggest you consult someone who does.

After you figure out your budget, it is time to do a checkup and make a list of things you want to do. We will discuss some suggestions down below in hopes they give you a good starting point.

What is next?

Now, let’s say you have your budget ready and you want to list some potential projects that will help you get more money for your place. Before you start with “cosmetic” projects (aka decorations, new wall paint, plants, etc), we suggest you make a clean slate by decluttering.

When the place is decluttered, you will see more clearly what are you working with. After that check, the following: how’s your heating/cooling system doing, is there any mold in the basement, humidity levels, etc.

These are key starting points that will help you get a better offer for your home:

  • Heating/cooling systems or devices. Making sure these are in a good condition will bring potential buyers who simply do not want to deal with servicing, and want to move in asap.
  • No one wants a moldy, humid home. If you have problems with mold, make sure they are solved before the listing.
  • Cracks in walls or the floor, windows, and doors that do not hold very well should be taken care of as soon as possible.
  • If you are not sure what else can be done to increase the value, do not hesitate to consult a home inspector.

Modern renovation projects

We have tackled some things that should increase your property’s value, but there are certainly some more we wish to put on display.

Smart homes are a thing nowadays, so having your home suitable for modern living is a great way of increasing its price. The accent here is on security, which should be a top priority. Technology makes it easier for people to feel safe in and out of their homes.

A great way to up the price of your home is to get a more modern security system, such as a cloud-based video security solution. Giving your buyers safety and much-needed peace of mind will potentially make your property worth more.

A tablet with smart home screen.

The same goes for energy-efficient homes. The awareness of our life habits hurting our planet has grown during the past years. With that, more people are opting for energy-efficient homes, which can be your strong point when selling.

We hope this article helped you get the idea and start the process. Good luck with the sale!

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