Is It Profitable to Buy a Flat in Istanbul?

Colourful historical house in Balat a popular photo spot, Istanbul, Turkey

In the country – Turkey lies the most populated city of cities in the whole of Europe. Istanbul is the largest city in the whole of Turkey and is also known to be one of the largest cities in Europe. There, you can find many busy lives going up and down in search of daily bread and a great deal of purchasing power – a bubbly city.

Buying flats in Istanbul as an investment may stir up questions; how lucrative is it? According to Turk.Estate, Istanbul has various properties ranging from apartments and townhouses to villas and many other properties that you may need or want for your real estate investments. Are you, as an individual considering buying flats in Istanbul? There are also various flats and apartments for you to acquire at very reasonable prices.

What is unique about living and investing in flats in Istanbul

Istanbul is a Mediterranean city that is an excellent landmark with immense cultural and historical significance; that is located in a location that, in a way, forms a bridge between two continents; Europe and Asia. The historical importance of this location has made it a hub for tourists and foreigners, such as ex-pats, to be attracted to visit and live there. If you want to buy flats in Istanbul and are wondering how profitable it may be, these few points should be considered as they will give you an idea of the profitability of your investments.

Historical and cultural significance

The city is known to be located across the river known as Bosporus. This location made the city home to trades and industries centuries away. The town is believed to have served as the seat of power for the Eastern Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire. This ancient significance provided various historical landmarks and buildings, which remain fascinating to the eyes. Continuously pulling foreigners to visit and, sometimes, move there to live life.

Fun seekers satisfaction

Homeowners, tenants, and tourists in this location who enjoy having fun however they want are always made happy in Istanbul, as the place has plenty of attractions for all your fun needs. Whether you are a lover of history and fun or appear in this location just for fun, you are never left out, as you will be satisfied with whatever it is you may be looking to achieve and do in the location.

Assured safety

As mentioned earlier, Istanbul has a lot of people and a high population density. However, this location is very welcoming to visitors and foreigners who may have recently moved in. residents are included. The city of Istanbul has in place an excellent policing system to protect both citizens and foreigners alike. Whether you are a tourist or a resident, it is essential to take safety measures that anyone must, wherever it is you find yourself in the world.

Friendly cost of living

Despite being a city full of people and with visitors constantly coming in, the cost of leading a good and quality life in unstable is very friendly to the pockets. The relatively low cost of living in this location has assured the ease of life in Istanbul. Visiting the restaurants and boutiques, buying your groceries, and having fun in the town and areas of Istanbul are at relatively low costs. As you may agree, a low cost of living a good life is a factor that determines how people are attracted to a particular environment or location.

Availability of Basic and needed amenities

Istanbul is one location that provides Good educational facilities for residents in the area. Living in Istanbul does not require you to drive across town over long distances to get your kids and younger ones to school, as schools are available for the millions of people in Istanbul. In addition, the transportation system in the city is very good, efficient, and available to help everyone move around and outside the city. Public transportation available in the city includes buses, ferries, and trains.


The city of Istanbul is the entrance to three different continents; Africa, Asia, and Europe. A city is a place that provides perfect and calm weather that is good enough for everyone. The location has distinct seasons, so visitors or foreigners do not have to worry about long hot or cold weather.

Most importantly, the properties for sale and lease in Istanbul allow you to buy or rent whatever suits your wants and budget. Being a location with a lot of people coming in for tourist purposes and even people looking to have a life to live in the area with their families and loved ones, it is therefore very profitable for one to buy flats in unstable conditions with a high return on investments being expected.

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