5 Good Things About Short-Span Bridges Made of Precast Concrete Box Culverts

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In the construction industry, precast concrete box culverts have been a famously used component when building different structures. Precast concrete box culverts are durable and affordable construction materials that can be used in standard sizing and even customized to meet a specific project’s requirements.

Structures like short-span bridges are now commonly made using precast concrete box culverts. Using these types of box culverts has been normalized, and it would be out of the blue to use something else to build short-span bridges.

This article will discuss the good features of short-span bridges made of precast box culverts.

1. Provides Better Quality

Building short-span bridges with materials like precast concrete box culverts can help give the bridge better-reinforced quality. The quality comes from the fact that experts usually make precast concrete box culverts in a climate-controlled facility. This is helpful since many contributors help lessen the quality of bridges during construction.

Experts that use recast concrete box culverts can better manage wet conditions and reroute the water in the site. Aside from these, other factors like rebarring the formwork and curing time are never issues with good-quality concrete box culverts. Also, trenches are strong enough to hold heavy loads and survive extreme weather conditions.

2. Faster Construction Time

Precast concrete box culverts on short-span bridges help speed up the construction time. The speed of building a bridge is crucial since closing bridges are an issue for traffic when on highways and city roads. When bridges are closed for a long time, it can affect traffic long-term, making cars take longer routes.

The pouring-in-place bridge construction method can take a long time to accomplish. Finishing this type of bridge can take months and even a year. But with precast concrete box culverts, short-span bridges can be constructed in as little as a few weeks.

Installation process of prefabricated concrete beams on precast pillars. Industrial crane working


3. A Cost-Effective Method

When computing all the costs necessary to make a short-span bridge, using precast concrete box culverts is the more cost-effective method of building this type of bridge. Putting in all the factors of constructing a bridge, such as installation, labor, and materials, precast concrete box culverts are less costly. These types of culverts also require a small amount of maintenance.

4. Has Aesthetical Options

Precast concrete box culverts are concrete that are made in a climate-controlled facility, which means that numerous types of colors and textures can be made. Besides that, a wide variety of sizes and shapes can also be used, ensuring that there are different types of aesthetics to choose from. Precast box culverts can be made to have a smooth finish and a unique size to meet specific structural requirements.

5. Safer Installation

Installing precast concrete box culverts only requires a small number of workers, meaning a construction site can become a safer environment. A reduced quantity of construction workers means the number of on-site hazards can also decrease. Also, precast box culverts are time efficient, meaning the duration inside a construction site is lessened.


When building short-span bridges, it is typically the go-to method to use precast concrete box culverts in this industry. These box culverts provide numerous benefits, such as being of durable quality and cost-effective. Precast concrete box culvert short-span bridges are a durable and fast construction method.






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