Why is an Alarm Security System a Must-Have in Every Modern Home?

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Keeping Pace With Expanding Tech Integration

The larger the metropolis, the larger the risk from burglars, sneak thieves, and other common criminals. Often the issue has nothing to do with theft. In Portland recently, a homeless woman just wandered into someone’s home to take a nap. Substance abuse was likely involved, but this sort of thing is becoming increasingly common.

You want your property and associated assets protected, but it’s also important to protect those who live on your property from potentially dangerous individuals. We’re going to explore in detail a few additional reasons why it’s absolutely integral that your modern smart home is secured effectively.

1. Securing Multiple Entry Points Protects Property

Sure, you want the front and back doors properly secured, but these aren’t the only areas where intruders could gain entry. Often, windows are loose enough to wedge open. With window contact sensors, such an avenue of entry won’t bypass your home’s security system.

If you have no security at all, the home is wide open. If you just have basic security, there are still vulnerabilities. It’s important to secure not just primary entry points, but all entry points for reliable security overall.

2. Effective Security Maintains Property When You’re Gone

You can’t be at home all the time. Your dog won’t be at home all the time. Dogs are one of the best natural security “systems”, if you will, that any home can have; but they run away, they have to go to the vet, and if you’re on a vacation, they’re either with you or at some sort of doggy hotel. You need smart home security when you’re away.

The good news here is, there are now options available that allow you to monitor your premises in real-time wherever you happen to be, provided you’ve got access to the internet. Such security systems keep vacant properties safe. In an increasingly crime-rich society, vacant properties do become criminal targets. Don’t neglect yours.

3. Alarm Systems Can Establish Legally Admissible Records

In a court of law, you need every piece of evidence you can get if you’re going to see justice. There are situations where fighting attacker results in a settlement for the criminal owing to today’s strange inversion of the legal system. Accordingly, a robust security system that captures temporal, visual, audio, and biometric data (when possible) can be a lifesaver.

Some security systems can be configured to immediately contact authorities in the event of a forced entry, or other unauthorized access. All these measures generate a paper trail. You want that kind of trail in the event you have to protect your interests from some litigious burglar.

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Keeping Your Property Protected

Alarm systems establish legally admissible records, they help maintain security when you’re not on the premises, and with modern smart home tech, such alternatives can assure multiple potential entry points are properly safeguarded.

Today’s residential environment isn’t as safe as it once was. If you own property, it’s to your benefit to assure it is as secure as you can make it.

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