5 Storage Ideas to Keep Your Jewelry Safe and Flawless

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Pieces of jewelry are an important part of your outfit that makes your appearance outstanding. However, they need good keeping to avoid cluttering your living space. You must keep them well to remain flawless and avoid misplacing one piece. Nothing beats good storage for your jewelry, where you can safely store them for easy finding and decluttering. Below are five of the best jewelry storage ideas.

1. Find a Jewelry Dish

A minimalist dish is among the best options for keeping jewelry like Moissanite earrings. It’s even better, stylishly designed, and with a lid. This dish will help you keep pieces of jewelry that you use often. You can put the jewelry dish on top of your makeup table where you can easily locate it when you want to put on the earrings the following day. With its small size, you won’t be stressed about where to put your other makeup essentials.

2. Invest in a Partitioned Tray

A partitioned tray would be best if you have lots of jewelry. Such a tray will come with partitions where you can put your earrings, wedding or engagement ring, and a spacious space to spread your necklaces to prevent tangling. This storage idea won’t keep the jewelry safe but also save you from wasting time as you disentangle the necklaces. Better yet, its size will give you room for other items.

3. Use a Rotating Display

A rotating storage idea would be best if you want something fancy. This jewelry storage is ideal if you own a lot of pieces. It makes accessing the jewelry easy, and you can also easily check the right jewelry that matches your outfit. This feature makes it among the best. You can see all the necklaces, earrings, and rings with one twirl of the display.

4. Hang the JewelryOn A Wall Organizer

Suppose your jewelry is too much to fit in a partitioned tray; you will need a wall organizer to hang them. This storage idea can use an empty vertical space or a hanging jewelry case. Suppose your jewelry is susceptible to tarnish by prolonged exposure to moisture or air. In that case, it’d be best if you use the jewelry case. And if not, you can hook them in the open space where they will be accessible. Hanging them in the open can help you decide the right one faster since you will see them all at once.

5. Go for a Tiered Storage System

You can use tiered jewelry storage for a cramped living space that will not occupy much space. You can dedicate each tire to specific jewelry like Moissanite earrings to prevent damage by abrasion. This type of storage also limits exposure to moisture and air, keeping the jewelry flawless. And thanks to its design, you can access all its content by moving it on its hinges.

As much as jewelry is important to your outfit, you shouldn’t clutter your living space with them. It’d be best if you had a storage system to keep them safe and accessible and declutter your bathroom or bedroom. The storage ideas you have read here are among the ideal ones. Some utilize empty vertical space, and the minimalist ones occupy small spaces but organize your house. It’d be best to use them today and forget about jewelry damage or misplacement.

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