Interior Home Maintenance Checklist: Things You Should Know

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A home maintenance program, similar to a routine health check-up, is essential for the upkeep of any property. Checking on your façade, utilities, heating systems, sanitation, safety, and electrical systems on a regular basis will help prevent malfunctions, save costs, and keep your property looking its best. 

Inspecting your house and performing monthly home improvement chores can help you stay on track and manage your maintenance plan. Each month, use this thorough home maintenance checklist to help you save time and money.

We concentrated on major components of any home that require regular maintenance to be in good condition. Several of the items on this list will indeed be seasonal home care tasks, so keep an eye out! You don’t want to be replacing your heating and cooling filters after spending the entire winter with your HVAC system spewing hot dust all over your house.

HVAC Bi-Annual Maintenance

HVAC, which stands for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning,” is the system in charge of keeping your home at a reasonable temperature and maintaining a good quality of air and energy efficiency. Usually, HVAC systems are built to last for a minimum of a decade, but they will require regular maintenance to function properly. Depending on the sort of heating and cooling system you have, you may need to hire a professional to do this bi-annual maintenance. Several HVAC warranties are extremely particular regarding who maintains the equipment, so read the tiny print carefully to avoid mistakenly voiding your warranty.

Regular maintenance will help keep your energy costs under control while also prolonging the lifespan of your heating element. To that end, visit for additional explanations about heating/cooling maintenance repairs or installs. Air leaks and blocked filters can cause the systems to work harder to pump air around your home, putting stress on the appliance and raising your energy expenses. Every three months, you should inspect and change your air filters.

Eliminate Water Damage

Water damage is the very last thing you want, since it may lead to a costly and time-consuming job that you didn’t want in the first place. It could also be devastating if your prized personal possessions become damp and beyond repair. Regularly inspect the following items: sump pump, gutters, downspouts, drains, bathtubs, showers, toilets, and sinks, and ensure that the windows are properly sealed.

Chimney Cleaning

The evenings become colder in the early fall, and many homeowners begin to use their fireplaces to warm their homes. However, it’s important that your chimneys and flues are professionally inspected and thoroughly cleaned before the chilly weather arrives. Your wood-burning fireplace won’t become a safety issue in your house if you have an annual chimney service. Regular fireplace use can cause build-up along a chimney’s walls, which can result in inadequate smoke ventilation and even chimney fires.

Once the weather cools off, these kinds of expert services are in great demand. Without the long wait lists that occur throughout the winter, getting the fireplace examined in the summer might be a terrific idea.

Smoke Detector Batteries

Unfortunately, there isn’t a gauge or warning that can let us know when the battery is becoming low. One day, a smoke detector will begin to sound. It’s the type of sound you can’t fall asleep to. Smoke alarms, as we all know, do not always prevent fires, but they are extremely important in protecting people from fire-related fatalities and injuries. Smoke detector batteries should be changed twice a year, on the same day each year.


Laminate wood floor and wooden hammer tool. Laminate flooring

The next thing on our list has, to put it mildly, been ignored. High-traffic areas are never the first thing you should polish. If you are still without hardwood flooring, it may not be on your list. You’ll either be waxing or polishing, depending on the finish you have.

Waxing is necessary if your floors have a penetrating finish. However, you will be scrubbing if your flooring has a surface finish. Consider the parts of your house that see the greatest traffic, such as intersections of bedroom doors, stair landings, and entrances. Even if you sweep and mop frequently, dirt eventually builds up in certain places, so you’ll still need to give them a thorough cleaning once a year.

Despite the fact that you can complete this operation at any season of the year, we prefer to do it at the beginning of the pleasant spring season so that we can open the windows and doors and leave the air within our houses free of chemicals used in waxing or polishing.

Maintain a List of Skilled Experts

You never know when you’ll need a dependable plumber, electrician, or handyman. Keeping names and numbers on hand might assist you in avoiding making bad decisions.

Make a note of anything that has to be done on your notepad. The maintenance diary will serve as a helpful reminder about when you completed specific work. It can also assist you in sticking to a maintenance plan. We hope this article will be helpful once you decide to do a thorough home maintenance project.

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