How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home After a Move

Living room in a house on moving day.

Buying a house or moving to a new house is certainly exciting. However, like most people, the new house won’t feel like home immediately after the move. After you’ve moved to the new house, your focus should shift from the trifles of moving to clean, decorating, and making the new space a home. Otherwise, relaxing in an environment you aren’t accustomed to becoming challenging. Below are a few tips to make your new house a home.

1. Thoroughly clean the house

While there are several things to do on the first day of the move, cleaning should be a priority. Proper spring cleaning before unpacking can change the smell and appearance of the space. Even if previous owners had cleaned the house, chances are dust and dirt accumulated before you moved in.

Your cleaning should focus on the floor and surfaces of all rooms. Being the first task every new homeowner faces, most moving companies partner with cleaning service providers who offer deep cleaning services. If you hired a moving company to help during relocation, they can recommend reputable cleaners.

2. Personalize the windows

Most homeowners underestimate the importance of windows in making their new house a home. However, you should find various ways of making the windows your own. The best way to change the appearance of rooms is by using colorful curtains and modern blinds. In most cases, your new home already has blinds and unattractive curtains. Replacing windows and blinds with your own brightens the house and can transform your dull house into an exciting home.

3. Make your entrance inviting

Making the entrance of your new home inviting sets the tone for other rooms in the house. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend much to make the entrance inviting. The simplest and basic way is adding potted plants and a cozy mat. You should also ensure it remains clean and tidy and has a shoe rack. You can also use a mirror for the wow factor. Interestingly, mirrors create an illusion that the entrance space is larger and spacious.

4. Add a fresh coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint is the best way to create a blank slate that you can personalize fully. Painting walls make your new house feel and look new. You should also freshen up your indoors by painting the kitchen cabinets. However, you should choose the color scheme cautiously to create the perfect atmosphere.

Use color psychology to guide your color choices. For instance, rooms with red paint increase energy and vibrancy, orange boosts activity, while green color is a stress reliever. If the house has neutral colors, you can spice it up by adding some color variations.

5. Introduce your signature scent

Everybody certainly has a signature scent or aroma that makes them feel at home. Different people have varying trademark scents. Be it soothing lavender, fresh cotton smell, or any other choice, adding your signature scent immediately after unpacking makes you relaxed and comfortable. You can spread your scent using a diffuser, fabric sprays, or scented candles.

6. Decorate with plants

Bringing the outdoors in also makes your new house a home. Adding plants, fresh-cut flowers, and other greenery makes your home fresh and homey. However, you should choose plants strategically. Go for plants that increase energy, improve creativity, reduce stress, and boost mood. Apart from these psychological benefits, plants also filter indoor air, improving indoor air quality.

7. Hang your favorite pieces of art

Empty walls, whether they have a fresh coat of paint or not, are dull and uninspiring. Adding art pieces shows not only your personality but also an easy way of transforming your indoor environment. You can purchase interesting art pieces (originals and replicas) from various online platforms, such as Artfinder, Etsy, and Society6. While at it, choose frames that complement the art but doesn’t shift the focus from the visual.

8. Swap light fixtures

You should also consider swapping out outdated lighting fixtures if they don’t complement your interior aesthetic. Lighting can be a major hindrance to achieving your desired mood in the room. You should install lights that serve as focal points in the room or accent the existing space.

Like art pieces, you should consider the positioning and size of lighting fixtures. You should also embrace modern lighting technology, such as dimmers, to even out natural light and improve the mood.

9. Create a room for your favorite hobbies

Whether your move was occasioned by the need to downscale or upscale, you should have a dedicated room for your favorite hobbies. Designing a space that accommodates your unique needs makes your new house a home. For instance, if you like painting, a mini art studio in some corner can hold it. Yoga enthusiasts can also use the hallway.


Settling into your new home after moving takes some time. Unfortunately, if you don’t make your new house a home, this deprives you of comfort and happiness. These tips can help you make your new apartment more than a place to crash after a day’s activities.

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