5 Secret Ways to Raise Capital for Your Next Real Estate Syndication Project

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The scaling business needs to raise capital for real estate syndication is possible by growing your investor database. You must look for real estate capital-raising techniques to get more investments. Leveraging OPM (other people’s money) helps to raise capital for real estate syndication deals.

Real estate capital raising means securing investments from individual investors, real estate groups, or trusts to finance the real estate property’s purchase, construction, or renovation.

The real estate industry offers multiple benefits and tax incentives as an excellent investment choice. If you are concerned about how to raise capital for real estate investments, then you should probably move further with this blog post.

In this article, you will learn a 5-step methodology for raising money for real estate syndication with little experience, investment skills, and communication with investors.

5 Secret Ways to Raise Funds Faster

Private placement, REITs, crowdfunding, real estate public offering, and ventures among groups are the premium ways to raise capital for property syndication. However, only knowing this won’t facilitate. Amplifying your chances to boost real estate investment faster is possible by following the below options –

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Know the Market/Audience

Suppose you chose your investment method; is it now possible to raise capital? No, it’s not!

For syndicators, understanding the audience, fundraising rules & regulations, and laws by the SEC are extremely important. In other words, to reach your audience, registering the syndicate’s legal entity with the SEC is essential. Within the market, analysis of the target audience can be made easy if you follow the two syndicators’ rules:

  • According to Rule 506(b), the target audience of syndicators are accredited investors from whom they can raise any amount of money. Up to 35 non-accredited investors are allowed, while there is no limit on the number of accredited investors.
  • Next is Rule 506(c), allowing syndication to market the investment offer publicly but raising capital for a property syndication deal from non-accredited investors isn’t allowed.

When you research real estate syndication and the process of raising capital faster, identify the type of deals you are planning to target. Two popular categories you can try are debt and equity investments. Additionally, to know your audience well, understand all investment types, asset types, and geographical conditions.

Build Your Authority / Brand

A website, social media accounts, and digital channels in multiple communities increase your presence with potential investors. Adopting investor portals is an impressive way to increase your presence among investors for real estate capital raising. In the digital ecosystem, you must be active online via your content, campaigns, and web activities. An impressive online presence builds your brand authority in the real estate industry.

Upon meeting an investor, whatever pitch you deliver must have a clear message and should politely sound authoritative. Never go into an angle if you don’t know what to say. Build that art within you to take the potential investor on your project’s journey and successfully convey your business goals.

Focus on the investors’ perspective, give realistic data, return values, highlight risks & their solutions, future business plans, and any mitigation plan. The only need is to ensure you present your experience to build your brand authority in the heart of investors.

Network & Develop Relationship

Raising capital for a property syndication deal is possible from anywhere, only if you have the reach to potential customers. Start creating one list of such investors because it is struggling to find money lenders. Join a crowdfunding community & online crowdfunding platforms, use digital marketing systems, and become a part of a syndication network to stretch your networking boundaries.

In your network, build relationships with experienced investors having a successful investment track record. Offer them the opportunity to become business partners and raise funds with minimal debt. If an investor helps you to raise capital, you must give regular updates to him/her every quarter. It only strengthens your relationship with them.

Create a Business Plan

Work with other real estate professionals to make the proper business plan – a deal package. When making such a plan, you must highlight a few critical things – investment requirement, business objective, future goals, risks involved, mitigation plans, business implementation & execution roadmap, maximum potential capital return, invested capital protection policy, inflation management strategy, people incentivizing goals, and more.

A proper mindset of capital raising and patience at every moment ensures the creation of specific plans while protecting risks in a better way. There is no right or wrong structure; your job is to create a realistic business plan.

Choose A Platform

Raising capital for real estate is a lucrative business helping you to achieve financial stability though it shares many challenges. In a tech world, raising money for real estate syndication is not possible without using online capital-raise software. The software organizes much of your process and streamlines the entire journey to raise funds.

Whether you’re starting investing in the real estate industry or expanding your portfolio, real estate investment software Syndication Pro helps you to manage endless paperwork quickly, establish two-way communications, automate tasks, processes, property management functions, & your investment portfolio, increase your visibility into data points, and help you to track ROI and make better decisions. You can also use tool like Parserr to generate new lead for your real estate business.

Invite CoSponsors

Sometimes, waiting for investment is among the worst ways to raise capital for property syndication. If you are looking to raise capital for real estate, the best way to start is by inviting co-sponsors.

Get Soft Commitments

One of the problematic parts of the fundraising process is getting a solid commitment from investors. After every meeting, investors may say they are in and ready to invest, but if you don’t have it on paper, you can’t count on their commitments.

Try building momentum after the meeting ends and get into a new discussion round to talk more briefly about raising capital for a property syndication deal. Maybe you can get a soft commitment from them!


Is it easy to raise capital?

Raising capital for real estate, whether commercial or residential, is time-consuming. While commercial capital raising requires complex financing, commercial real estate is more stable.

Additionally, several factors can impact the success of a capital-raising effort, but with some market research, a clear business execution plan, and a solid understanding of your target audience, raising capital for real estate will appear to be an effortful & purposeful lucrative investment journey.

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