The 3 Trendiest Home Designs on the Market Today

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Perhaps you are on the look for your dream apartment in the heart of the city, or maybe you are thinking of renovating your own house in the suburbs, or perhaps you are an owner and you want to uplift your current property so it is up to date with the market trends? Whatever your reason, it might get confusing to know what are the trendiest home designs in the market especially since new trends keep on emerging daily. However, keep on reading as below you will find the 3 trendiest home designs on the market today:

 Natural All the way

While in the past it was trendy to add color and style to the space, nowadays, and especially after the lockdown in 2020, people felt the need to go back to nature and feel connected with it. Therefore, many houses today are being shifted to neutral-colored palettes such as beige, white, and shades of warm tones. Another design feature you might notice is the excessive use of greenery indoors. This concept is known in biophilic interior design, which tends to make interior spaces closer to nature by benefiting from natural light and adding natural elements such as plant pots and green walls.  In addition to adding plants, color schemes are chosen to represent nature. For instance, furniture is upholstered in tones of beige/white with patterned woven cushions instead of the colorful plain ones. In the kitchen, cabinets follow the same tonality with natural-looking countertops. Natural walnut/oak wood slabs are used instead of plastic-looking fixtures for elements like coffee and dining tables. All of these small elements will make the space more relaxed and natural looking which will thus make it trendy and cozy.


You have probably heard about minimalism before, it is the art of using what you need only around the house. It eliminates excessiveness by focusing on what is essential. Since minimalism is a lifestyle in itself, it cannot be forced on people however many home designs are making use of some of its concepts by decluttering. Many houses on the market are tight on space therefore you might notice that furnished show apartments feel decluttered and only the necessary elements are placed there. Therefore upon your next move, make sure you eliminate all the items that you do not really use and when you’re done, hire house and carpet cleaning services to freshen up the space, and then let’s hop to the next trend.

Two in One

Whether you have a big space or you live in a tighter one, two-in-one space solutions are very trendy. In the past, these solutions may have looked cheap however now, a lot of design thinking is going into them and you will notice that they look sleek, add space, and cut costs. For instance, in the bathroom, instead of having a towel rail and a radiator, many bathrooms have an integrated radiator tower rail which looks like a design feature but can be used for two purposes. In the kitchen, instead of having a dining table and a bar, many kitchens have an island feature that integrates a dining table, which also adds a design feature and uses the space in a smart way. In the living room, you might notice that sofas can be easily arranged into a sleeping space since sofas integrate a sofa bed mechanism in them thus allowing you to have two features in one.

When you do your research, you will notice that different areas might have different design features depending on many factors such as weather conditions, building restrictions, and proximity to the city. However, if you look closely, you will notice that the above 3 design trends are repetitive among many apartments and that is mainly because they stem from the market needs and are therefore design solutions to market problems. Take note of them and make sure you notice them in your property-hunting process.

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