5 Types of Privacy Fences to Consider

Modern panel fencing in anthracite color, visible spans and a wicket, forest in the background.

There’s no place like home. And there’s certainly no feeling like having privacy when you’re enjoying your own home. If your neighbors are a little closer than you’d prefer or you just want to prevent passersby and neighbors from peering into your yard, a privacy fence is a great solution. Most fencing heights are between six and eight feet to give a more assured feeling of privacy.

1. Board on Board

This type of privacy fencing has overlapping vertical fence pickets. Every other board is laid on top of the crack between two underlying picketts. They are very sturdy and offer complete privacy. You won’t have to worry about nosy neighbors peeking into your private space. Because this style uses more pickets than others, you may be able to cut some of the cost by installing a classy metal privacy fence instead of the more traditional wood privacy fence.

2. Shadowbox

A shadowbox fence will give both you and your neighbor the same finished look. The fencing pickets alternate on opposite sides of the main rail. While this style gives you a great deal of privacy, there will be gaps at the edges of the pickets. You’ll experience increased airflow with a shadowbox fence, something you’ll be sure to appreciate during the warmer months.

3. Stockade

The stockade privacy fence has to be the most popular choice among homeowners. You can purchase these in pre-fabricated sections or have the pickets installed individually. Every board is placed side by side with no gaps. One reason this is the more commonly seen privacy fence is because it’s highly customizable. Choosing pickets with a decorative top or points will give your fence a more refined look. Alternatively, you can just as easily add a decorative lattice or other styled horizontal caps to adorn the top rail of the fence.

4. Lattice

A lattice fence doesn’t afford complete privacy, but it is one of the more decorative styles of fencing with its criss-cross pattern. However, if you’re into a more natural look and feel, then you may like the idea of growing climbing plants to fill in the gaps that the lattice work creates. Some homeowners will weave vinyl strips between the lattice to provide more privacy.

5. Horizontal

A horizontal privacy fence is simply a stockade fence turned on its side. The pickets will be placed horizontally rather than vertically. This style gives a more modern look to your space. Keep in mind that a horizontal fence requires high-quality lumber to avoid future sagging and a flat top rail to better preserve the wood. Just like a stockade fence, there’s no space between the pickets to allow for airflow. This is good when weather conditions are unfavorable, but not on a hot summer day.

There are plenty of ways to create more privacy in the outdoor space of your home. These styles can come in a variety of finishes and wood types, so you can get a more you kind of fencing. You can even choose from completely different building materials like bamboo and vinyl.

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