What’s the Quickest Way to Build a Home?

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The time it takes to build a house depends on several important factors. There is the financial element, where the most money will always lead to a faster build time. But then there is also the human element, where anything can happen when you least expect it.

Built For Sale

The fastest homes ever built fall into this category with an average projection of six months. That means it only takes half a year to create homes for sale in Wickenburg Arizona. Sometimes the home is already sold before it is even constructed! Large projects can hit roadblocks that force a missed target date, but built-for-sale homes are a little more flexible. This has a lot to do with their realistic expectations, both in finances and build time. Fewer snags during a project mean that the home is built on time, and in many cases ahead of schedule.

Contractor Built

Contractor-built homes average about 9 months in the making if you use competent professionals. Communication is key here, so making requests in the middle of the build can significantly impact the project completion time. That is why contractor-built homes excel in their speed when orders don’t stray too far from predesigned home plans. The restrictions are in place during the build, yet there are still some options with flexibility. Make changes in the beginning and you’ll always have a chance to protect the original completion time.

Owner Built

Homes built by the owner have an average build time of one year. This is by far the slowest way to build a home, yet offers some really unique options. You’re in control of the plan, all the way from the finances to the building materials. Owner-built homes offer the most flexibility with customization, but can easily suffer from ‘feature creep’ as the owner adds more things during an ongoing project. Some owner-built homes don’t even reach completion until years after their start date. Just like the previous two build options, sticking to the original plan will get you to the finish line.

Modular Construction – You can order modules as an empty box or complete with flooring, appliances, built-ins, and more. Modular construction saves time and money without sacrificing the quality of the project.

3D Printing – In the housing industry, 3D printing speeds up production and is the ultimate time management tool. With computer-controlled sequential layering, you don’t have to deal with some of the tedious aspects of building.

Wireless Technology – Instead of running wires through the wall, you can use wireless technology for a cleaner approach. With additional Wi-fi hardware to piggyback from, the range is unlimited.

PEX Pipes – Using quick connecting PEX pipes will save you from the hassle of copper and solder. If you’re lucky, some contractors will have leftover units that they’re willing to sell at a major discount.

Eye On the Prize

Don’t slow down just because you’re close to the finish line. Quickly building a home requires a willingness to stick to the plan from beginning to end. Build by being realistic, and you’ll always finish ahead of schedule.

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