Great Kitchen Appliances You Will Make The Most Use Of

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When you’re stocking your kitchen, you’ve probably ensured you have enough pots and pans to cook in and utensils to eat with. However, one thing many people seem to overlook when ensuring they have a fully equipped kitchen is appliances.

Having the right appliances can make home cooking easier and faster. They’re extremely helpful when you’re short on time and can make it possible for home cooks to experiment with – and achieve – restaurant-quality dishes. However, given the numerous types of appliances out there – from rice cookers to waffle irons – figuring out which will truly come in handy can be challenging.

If you’re wondering which kitchen appliances you should invest in, don’t worry – you’re in the right place. Here is a list of options that you’ll truly make the most of and should therefore consider buying.

Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is a perfect option for aspiring bakers. It makes it easier for you to knead the dough and whisk and churn ingredients. Additionally, many stand mixers come with attachments that allow you to use them for everything from shredding fruits and grinding meat to rolling and cutting pasta.

The right stand mixer and attachments can do the job of several different appliances, all in a single, compact package. Not only is it convenient and makes cooking easier, but it also comes in handy for people with limited space in the kitchen, who need each of their appliances to do as much as possible.


If you’re a fan of juice for breakfast, a juicer is a must in your kitchen. Having access to juicers means you can get your morning juice ready quickly, without exerting much effort yourself. They’re also a good option if you have young children who prefer to drink thin juices.

It should be noted that a juicer and a blender are not the same. A juicer separates the juice from the pulp, while a blender essentially blends together the entire fruit (should you choose to use it in place of a juicer). Blenders have their advantages, but when it comes to making juices, having a juicer is superior.

They also allow you to combine different fruits and vegetables into a single drink easier. Because these appliances leave a thin juice behind when used, you can use a ton of different products for a single glass of juice. Doing the same with a blender would leave you with enough juice to last you the week.

Food Processor

Another nifty little appliance that does a ton of things at once, a food processor is a must-have in any kitchen. Some of the tasks this appliance can handle include chopping, slicing, and grinding produce, whisking ingredients, and blending and pureeing different food items. Not only do they make cooking faster, but they’re also a life-saver for people with mobility issues, giving them back their independence in the kitchen.

Food processors vary according to size and power, allowing you to choose one depending on your needs. Some food processors come with multiple bowls of different sizes, making it easier for you to determine what quantity of food you’re cooking.

Air Fryers

Worried about how much oil you’re consuming? An air fryer is a perfect alternative.

This appliance uses, well, air as a way to “fry” your food, giving you healthier meals with lower calorie and fat content.

Additionally, these appliances are extremely easy to use, don’t take up too much space on your countertop, and can be used to make hundreds of different dishes. Some people even use this appliance as a reheating tool instead of their microwave or oven.


Multi-cookers are kind of what they sound like – a single appliance designed to do the work of multiple appliances. Depending on the model you buy, a multi-cooker can do the job of a rice cooker, pressure cooker, crock pot, yogurt maker, and bread maker. Some multi-cookers can even do the job of an air fryer!

It’s pretty easy to understand why these appliances are so popular. They’re a great option when you have very limited counter space, and they’re generally more affordable than buying each option separately. They also cook much faster than some of the appliances they replace.

It should be noted that these appliances aren’t perfect. Some people find the taste of food cooked in a multi-cooker inferior to food cooked using a dedicated appliance, and these cookers can be challenging to clean and maintain. However, if you’re short on time, money, or counter space – or are simply looking for an easy-to-use appliance to get you into cooking, not something that will produce Michelin star-worthy dishes – a multi-cooker is a must-have.

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These are only some of the appliances that you can consider buying for your kitchen. Ultimately, which of these will be most beneficial to you will depend on your personal preference and cooking patterns. However, when it comes to the appliances on this list, you’re sure to be able to get tons of use out of them, and we doubt you’ll regret buying them anytime soon!

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