These Kitchen Design Ideas Will Make You Want to Redo Yours

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The kitchen is usually the busiest room in the house, and so, people want it to be the most practical, and comfortable space to spend time in. It should not just be pleasant to look at, but it also needs to be functional. There’s a lot more to remodeling or redesigning a kitchen than updating the appliances, and many ideas don’t require you to break the bank. So, whether you’re redoing your kitchen and looking for ideas, or simply looking for some inspiration, go no further because this article will cover some fantastic kitchen design ideas that will make you want to redesign your kitchen right away.

1.  Use A Statement Fabric

Any kitchen is incomplete without some chairs or stools and benches in the space. Of these staples of kitchen furniture, the most popular seem to be long stools and modern chairs. These stools usually have a cushion top. The decor idea here is to use a statement fabric that not just matches the theme of the kitchen, and your house but also contrasts with the wooden or metallic legs of the stool. For instance, if your kitchen stools have dark wooden legs, you can opt for a green or patterned fabric. This will give the kitchen a forest-like vibe. In contrast, if your stools have a metallic finish, you can use white, grey, or even black fabrics for the cushion to give a modern look and feel to your kitchen.

2.  Add Accent Pieces

What turns a simplistic setting into a beautiful, yet minimalistic design? Accents. If you think your kitchen looks too pale or boring, then it might be time to consider some accent furniture, tiles, or simply adding a pop of color. Add this in a few spots in your kitchen, and it will be transformed into a beautiful design in no time.

3.  Paint Faux Floor Tiles

Who says you can’t simply paint your floor instead of getting them completely replaced by newer tiles? Redoing your kitchen tiles can be expensive, and it doesn’t always end up looking like what you had imagined. So, it’s better to experiment with paint rather than real tiles. To give your kitchen a new and improved look, it’s not a bad idea to consider painting the tiles in a fun color, or pattern. Simply painting checked tiles can give your kitchen a modern look.

4.  Make A Hidden Pantry

If your kitchen is too small, and you don’t have enough room for all your goods, it’s a cute, fun idea to create hidden spaces close to your kitchen to optimize space. For instance, you can create a hidden pantry near the cooking area, hidden in plain sight of the living room. Paint the shelves a bright color, and add black accents for a chic look. Arrange the kitchen supplies and some decor pieces to complete the look.

5.  Try Stained Glass

Stained glass is not just good-looking, but also very functional. If you want to block an unpleasant view from the outside, but also don’t want to stop all the natural light from coming in, this option works perfectly. Installing stained glass windows in your kitchen will also add that all-important touch of color to your space. Plus, there are many combinations of colors and designs you can try using this design option.

6.  Add An Extra Sink

An extra sink isn’t always supposed to be functional but can act as storage space, decoration space, or even a place for statement furniture for the kitchen. You can get a better idea of this by checking out different styled sinks from Superior Home Supplies and combining them with some accessories. For instance, you can use it as a space to arrange flowers, while using the remaining space for storage. Combine this with accent colors, and you’ll create a wonderful look for your kitchen.

7.  Install An Island Extension

Do you ever feel like there’s just not enough space on your kitchen islands? Well, you can always add a fancy-looking extension. This will not only enlarge your island, but it will also give a modern touch to your kitchen. For instance, you can add a round wooden table to the island, and arrange your kitchen stools around it. This way, you won’t just have added space, but also a unique look and breakfast area to your kitchen.

8.  Try Gold Accents

There’s nothing quite like gold accents to make your rooms pop. Gold and metallic accents look especially charming and chic in the kitchen space. For instance, you can use gold accents on the cabinet door handles or, you can install pendant lighting. However, make sure that you use earthy furniture and patterns to balance the flashiness of the metallic accents.

9.  Add A Backsplash

When it comes to backsplashes, people usually let their imagination be as creative as possible. Backsplashes aren’t a necessity in your kitchen, but they make your space look extra stylish. The type of backsplash doesn’t just act as decoration but also reflects your style. So, whether you choose a graphic, modern backsplash, or opt for classic one, choose the type that matches your personality.

Beadboard paneling backsplash

Decorating your kitchen is no easy job. It is one of the most important rooms in the house and requires proper attention. You’ll want to create a space where you’re comfortable, with enough space and lighting to make it functional. Try one of the above design ideas to give your kitchen a new and improved look without going over budget.

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