Make Your Floors Look Better With These Unique Ideas

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When deciding to decorate a house, most people would think about adding new furniture, painting the walls, or buying decorative items. However, there is yet another area of your home that would look marvelous if updated the right way: the floor.

We may forget the importance of an aesthetically appealing floor to the house’s decor. After all, some adjustments could make a huge difference in the layout of any room. All you need is to decide on one of these unique ideas to make your floor look better.

Use Different Rugs

Combining different types of rugs could be the best decision if you are a creative person. Most homeowners use one or two rugs within a room, either under the coffee table or the sofa. Others consider that having a welcoming rug is more than enough.

However, rugs present a world of possibilities when combined assertively. For example, if you want to create a visually interesting living room, then merge rugs with different patterns, designs, and textures. If the rugs belong to the same color scheme, they will work well within the same room.

Also, having a rug with vibrant colors and another with plain colors next to it will make a more striking ambient. Try different models and stick with the ones you prefer the most.

Paint It

It might come as a surprise, but paint is not only designed to be used on walls and ceilings. On the contrary, painting the floor will not only bring wonderful results but will also cost significantly less compared to other options.

The only downside is that painting an entire floor is a daunting task since you’ll need to move every piece of furniture out of the room. Not to mention, if you don’t get a painter to do the job for you, doing it yourself will be rather time-consuming.

Naturally, if you have artistic talents, then painting it yourself could be a fun activity. Think about adding a stencil or two with original designs. Create your own patterns of forms and drawings and achieve the floor of your dreams!

Lastly, remember that almost any type of floor can be painted, including vinyl, concrete, subfloor, hardwoods, and tile. We recommend that you do some research before buying the paint in order to avoid regrets.

Mix and Match Types of Wood

There are plenty of ways in which you can arrange wood types. You may play with the direction of the planks, or combine light wood with dark wood. Making a transition between different wood floors is great for providing an elegant contrast in the room. Besides, it is the best outcome if your floor has been ruined.

For instance, suppose that a part of your floor was damaged because of a leak in the roof. Water has damaged a considerable part of the wood floor, and now there’s a huge stain, ruining the overall layout of the living area.

The best solution is to make a wood floor transition and combine two dissimilar types of wood. This way, you keep a part of your previous floor but add a brand-new set of planks to create a more unique result.

Add Vinyl Stickers

Children use stickers to decorate their bedrooms and notebooks. Adults, on the other hand, use them to decorate their floors. Indeed, vinyl stickers are a cheap alternative to changing the floor completely. All in all, you only require a self-adhesive vinyl floor design, then peel and stick them on the floor, and done!

The main disadvantage with vinyl stickers is that water could seep through the edges and ruin the floor. Moreover, despite their quick installment, there is a high chance you’ll fail to apply them flawlessly. In other words, it is possible that the decal doesn’t stick properly against the floor, leaving some unwanted wrinkles.

Revive the Hardwood

Sometimes, your floor doesn’t need to be replaced at all, nor have stickers or paint applied to it to look new. In some cases, all it needs is a recovery.

If you have a hardwood floor that looks unstained and old, bring it back to life by sanding it down and re-staining it. Also, you could try screening it. This process consists of taking off the top polyurethane layer without removing part of the wood.

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When in doubt, always ask for professional help. It is better to invest in quality work than in unnecessary repairs.

With so many options to choose from, it is natural to be unsure of which to select. We encourage you to consider all these ideas. Picture your floor with rugs, vinyl stickers, and mix-matched types of woods. Then, go with the one you consider to be the most appropriate. If you’re unsatisfied with the results, don’t worry. You can always start again!

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