6 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Pool Area

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Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a pool area in their yard. So, if you do, you should make the most out of it. Having a swimming pool on your property opens the door to a better and more active lifestyle that can improve your health and wellness. For one, having a pool area means you can go swimming any time of the day and consider it a form of exercise. Another is you can also use your pool area as a backyard oasis and a living room extension. This means you, your family, or your guests can hang out by the pool area and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere.

Having a swimming pool in your backyard can dramatically increase the value of your home. However, because of the amount of use your pool receives, your pool and its pool deck area may eventually wear down, become faded, or be damaged. Alternatively, the pool’s aesthetics may be antiquated and no longer appealing. Rather than letting mold or mildew take over your pool and ruin the entire area, consider one of the many suggestions below to breathe new life into your aging pool. Don’t worry, as most of these suggestions don’t necessitate extensive remodeling or expensive upgrades.

Here are six easy ways to upgrade your pool area and bring it to the next level to get you started.

1. Bring In Some Fun Pool Accessories

One of the quickest ways to upgrade your swimming pool is by bringing some pool accessories into the water. Pool accessories like slides, diving boards, tiny inflatable boats, beach balls, or non-inflatable pool float can bring more fun and functionality into your pool area. You and your family can use these accessories to boost the fun and relaxation instead of only swimming in the water. Plus, most of these accessories are filled with patterns and colors, eventually adding more life and color to your pool.

When you shop, make sure to acquire a variety of pool accessories that may be utilized by both children and adults. For example, if you’re purchasing non-inflatable pool floats, make sure you have both large and small ones so that both children and adults can enjoy them.

2. Add Some Pool Seats

Perhaps you’ve visited a resort with a massive pool area and a swimming pool bar. You may have also noticed how they have chairs under the water so their guests can lounge, take a seat, and eat or drink without getting out of the pool. And so, why not consider doing the same thing for your pool and adding some pool seats? If creating a swimming pool bar is way out of your budget, adding pool seats under the water is already enough to recreate a ‘swimming pool bar’ feature in your pool area.

If you’re wondering, pool seats are unlike regular chairs, which you can easily toss in the water. Pool seats are often made from a special plastic designed to withstand chemicals from the pool’s water. Preferably, set them up on the pool’s shallow end so kids and adults can sit on them to enjoy their beverages.

3. Incorporate Water Features

Does your pool seem too dull for you? You may try incorporating water features to make it more luxurious, such as fountains or waterfalls. Pool waterfalls will surely be a practical, eye-catching addition to any pool. They can instantly make your pool look expensive and fancy while helping with the circulation of the water. If you’re on a budget, you may go for the simple ‘plug and play’ waterfalls, which you can easily add to your pool in just a few minutes. Meanwhile, if you want something fancier and more permanent, you may have a customized pool waterfall built by a professional contractor.

If you’re not sure about adding a waterfall yet, you may opt for a water fountain as an alternative. Like the waterfall, a water fountain can add more elegance and visual appeal to your pool area. The only difference is that water fountains are cheaper and much quicker to install than waterfalls. Some water fountain models may include color-changing lights that will illuminate your pool floor.

4. Install Underwater LED Lights

Choosing the proper lighting for your pool landscape may dramatically affect the mood and ambiance. So, you can use underwater LED lights if you’d like to draw attention to a specific place or create a certain perspective. To create a tranquil and romantic atmosphere, dim the lights to red or blue. On the other hand, if you’re having a party or a fun get-together by the pool, you can blast as many colors as you want to boost the mood of your swimming pool instantly.

Furthermore, installing LED lights will make it possible for you to use your pool from day to night. This means that you and your guests can relax and enjoy the pool every night of the summer.

5. Invest In Outdoor furniture

For the days when you don’t want to swim but still want to lounge around the pool, investing in outdoor seating furniture may help. You can add some chairs and tables around the place and use this as an additional hangout spot for you and your guests when you’re not submerged in the water. Besides their functionality, outdoor furniture pieces can add more aesthetic appeal to your deck area.

When choosing outdoor furniture, ensure to opt for the water-resistant ones. This way, they won’t wear easily when splashed by the pool water. Furthermore, choose furniture that will complement the color of your pool deck area.

6. Add A Fire Pit

Like water features, a fire pit can also be a perfect addition to your poolscape. After having fun at the pool, you can warm yourselves by lounging around the fire pit. Night swimming in your pool is even more fun and possible with a fire pit. You can check with a professional contractor or renovator to help choose the best fire pit type for your pool area.

Wrapping Up

As it turns out, sprucing up your pool area doesn’t necessarily have to be costly. Most of these ideas and solutions mentioned above are affordable and budget-friendly. However, consult with a professional contractor if you wish to make minor or significant changes to your pool that would require construction. So, get on with these tips, upgrade your pool and prepare it for the coming summer.

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