The Ultimate Guide to Rapidly Sell Your Old House

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You have realized it’s time to part ways with your beloved home. Congrats! You have accomplished the first step of your journey.

The entire process may seem overwhelming and time-consuming. The average time it takes to close on a home in Florida is almost eight weeks. And that is exactly why we are here to help.

Keep on reading to find out all you need to know about streamlining your house selling process.


There are countless options that help you sell your home; however, only a handful can help you sell it fast. Planning out and strategizing must be your first step to ensure a quick transaction, as it may affect potential buyers’ perception if you seem unsure.

If you opt to take the responsibility yourself, it may not ensure the highest potential price or the quickest sell. An excellent choice would be companies that promote “We Buy Houses Cash In Orlando” they close deals within as soon as 14 days as they offer you a cash deal for your home, making the sales process quick and efficient. Others include a real estate agent or even iBuyers.

Tidy Up Your Home

Orlando’s humid and warm weather creates the perfect opportunity for molds to grow on your furniture! No one would want to invest in a home that isn’t looked after well. And one of the essential steps of maintenance is cleaning.

To prepare your home to sell fast, you should ensure it is all tidied up. You could get it deep cleaned professionally, or you could spend a family weekend doing the cleaning.

A potential buyer would not find a messy space very pleasant, so don’t forget to declutter.

Decide On A Price

The simplest way to start this step is by scouring the prices of houses in your neighborhood. If you end up asking for a price that is too high, there is nothing you can do that will make up for it. So, you must sit down and choose a suitable price for your house.

Try Being Available For Showings

If more buyers get to tour your house, you are likely to get an offer sooner. However, if you require a day’s notice, some buyers may entirely skip your home.

You should try to keep your schedule clean on evenings and weekends because that’s when most buyers will ask for showings.

Transform Your Home Into A House

You may wonder why this is important. A potential buyer must be able to imagine them and their family in your house; for that to be possible, a clean canvas is necessary.

You should remove family photos, personal collection of trinkets, your kids’ toys, sports merchandise, etc. As the heading suggests, anything that screams that this space is your home. To present it as best as possible, it must be turned into the neutral ground.

Allow The Space To Be Illuminated

Among the many factors you need to keep in mind, light is one of the top ones. If you have a showing in the daytime, it’s fairly simple: open up all the windows and let the sun’s glow flood in.

If you need to opt for artificial lighting, you should try placing it in specific ways that accentuate the best parts of your home.

Have You Given Staging A Thought?

We’re sure that your interior is adorned perfectly with your style. However, a heavily personalized furniture set may make it difficult for potential buyers to imagine it as a place they could build their own world.

Crisp furniture, neutral-colored sheets, and curtains could persuade buyers faster than you imagined. Therefore, you should definitely be open to having your house staged during viewings.

Click Top-notch Photos

In this digital era, the online image of your house is more important than you can imagine. Potential buyers must be impressed enough to contact you for a tour if you have listed your house on the internet. They not only want a sneak peek into your home but detailed pictures of each nook and cranny.

Most of the time, they may be difficult to capture on your phone. No one does it like a pro, and this is just the right occasion to hire a photographer.

Enhance The External Area Of The House

We know you’ve heard this many times before, but that’s only because it’s true, curb appeal is real, and it plays a huge role. Your home’s first impression is usually when potential buyers make a decision.

You could paint your door, pot some seasonal flowers on the porch, get a new mailbox, and much more.

Slap Some Neutral Paint On The Walls

This is yet another way to ensure that a buyer can fully imagine themselves and their family in the space.

Your accent wall, a brightly colored baby room, and crowded wallpaper could turn off buyers. Fresh paint will also elevate your house’s beauty, helping you focus on the home’s unique corners.

Ensure Necessary Repairs Are Up To Date

Forgetting this is a mistake you definitely shouldn’t make! If the buyer’s first thought is what repairs they need to make, your asking price will likely be affected.

While you may have to spend a couple of dollars, it won’t matter against the tremendous return that you’ll get. New countertops, hardware related to doors and cabinets, all of these are places you should look into.

Final Words

A fair bit of distress comes along in finding the right buyer. Now you know what to do to ensure you can sell your house as quickly as possible. For many people, it is weeks, if not months of sleepless nights.

Your experience will be different. Once you have your strategy in place and are preparing your house to showcase its amazing attributes, you can comfortably wait while the perfect buyer makes their way to your front porch.

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