Tips for Efficient Garage Organization

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Today, many homeowners use their garages as storage areas or extensions of their homes rather than a space to park their vehicles. Sometimes, the garage is full of stuff stored haphazardly, leaving only enough room for a small car to squeeze in. Some even keep their garage doors shut and leave their car outside because the garage is so messy.

These tips will help you keep your garage organized and uncluttered so you have more space to park your car safely.

Categorize every item

You might not remember all the items you have stored in your garage. Start by separating the items into at least three piles — to sell, donate, or keep. If you have not used some of them for two years, including broken and unused toys, leftover paints, old appliances, furniture, tools, and books, then consider donating or selling them. If there were appliances that you think only need a tune-up, it would be wise to have them fixed before deciding what to do with them.

Repaint the garage

After sorting out the items, move them outside. Then, wash or wipe the walls and floor of the garage. After letting them dry, choose a light color for the walls. You can use gloss or semi-gloss paint. This type of finish makes it easier to clean the walls. If you have young children and elderly family members who also use the garage, a good option is to make the floor non-slip. You can use a truck undercoating product that will not only make your garage floor skid-proof but also waterproof. Likewise, the product can minimize noise and prevent rust formation, which is good for keeping metal tools and equipment in your garage.

Use open shelves and storage boxes

It is essential to keep items off the garage floor. Consider dividing the space into different zones to identify where you want your workspace to be. Then, dedicate a storage area for tools, bigger equipment, and other items from your previous piles. Metal shelving will provide strength and stability for heavy items, while clear plastic boxes with lids are ideal storage options. They are inexpensive, and you can even label them. Open shelves also provide easy access. Avoid using a cabinet with doors, as you might be tempted again to hide things you no longer need.

Do not forget the walls and overhead space

Utilize empty walls near your repair or DIY space. You can place hanging cabinets and openwork metal mesh where you can add metal baskets with hooks. These metal meshes are handy for items that you use frequently.

Moreover, you can have more storage space by adding open racks and shelves overhead. Use the overhead space for items that you seldom use. The racks can store long flat items, bins, and boxes, so you do not have to keep them in corners and on the floor.

Organizing your garage is time-consuming. However, using these tips can help, as well as your determination to keep the space clean, where every item has its proper place.

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