Which Features will be Most Important in Tomorrow’s Houses?

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When we look at drawings of what the world was supposed to look like in 2020, dating back to the 1950s, we can see that we are far from what science fiction expected of us, back then. In fact, housing still looks quite similar today. But some things have changed and will continue on in the years to come. Here is what we can expect to find in the development of our future homes.

Energy Efficiency First

There can be no doubt that the future of housing goes through energy efficiency. Throughout the last decade, most governments around the world have encouraged their citizens to renovate their homes, in order to update them to new norms. That implies better insulation of the roof and of the floors, as a start. But most importantly, it calls for new windows and doors, where there is still a lot of perdition when it comes to heating or air conditioning inside our homes. You can discover some of the new window and door systems on aluprof.eu/gb, that are part of the solution. Thanks to enhanced thermal insulation, these systems are regulating the temperature inside the house, bringing comfort, as well as a reduction in the cost of energy. We are still only at the start of this movement, and it will remain a key element in the housing sector for many years to come.

Better Insertion Into Their Environment

Most of us have already seen green walls by now. They are plants taking over a whole side of a building. In big cities, there is not a sufficient number of plants; especially in the center of town. That is why we need to create walls where nature takes over. Plants are crucial to the air we breathe, as they absorb a lot of the pollution that is dangerous for our health. The more we’ll be able to grow them, the better we will breathe.

There is also the question of food that comes into play. With more people living on this planet every day, we need to find a solution to growing vegetables and fruits. A larger population means lesser grounds on which to cultivate. One of the solutions that have been adopted in big cities, is to create gardens on top of buildings. They are often separated from the tenants of the apartments below, at least between those that request to have their own small garden to grow herbs, vegetables, fruits, and more.

More Natural Light

The houses of the future will feature large windows that will open our homes to the outside. That is because we need to let the natural light inside our houses, in part to save energy, but mostly to be flooded by sun rays. That is now possible, thanks to the new window systems that regulate the temperature inside the home. Before, such large windows in the summertime created desert heat, and the cold would have seeped through the glass pane in winter. Not anymore, though, which makes it possible for everyone to open up their private universe to the sun and nature all around.

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