Birch House 7

Birch House: An Apartment Remodeling with A Birchwood ㄱ-Shaped Wall and Eco-Friendly Living Space

Birch House is a 142.18㎡ apartment in downtown Seoul, South K0rea, a 2015 remodeling project by studio_suspicion. The client of this project is a newly-wed couple with their newborn baby who likes a natural and graceful atmosphere. In order to meet these demands, an eco-friendly living space for the baby is created and wood is used as the main materials for the birchwood ㄱ-shaped wall.

Stay Soar 23

Stay_Soar: A Multi-Family Housing Project with White Stucco Finish and Outside Staircase

Located in Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea, Stay_Soar is a multi-family housing project by studio_suspicion. This completed project is 286.81 m2 in size with 13 units in total and including 12 residential units and one retail on its first floor. The outer walls of this housing are designed with white stucco finish while the staircase is located outside with a non-skid landscaping paver chosen by the architect.