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A Barn Extension: An Extension to the Existing Barn with New Living Spaces

This barn has a “topographical event” that slipped into a level curve to enjoy the surrounding landscape. This event also shelters the extension of a dwelling in the Hautes-Pyrénées. A Barn Extension is a 2010 project designed by PPA Architectures and located in Lesponne, France. The program is adding an extension to this barn and also creating new living spaces.

Maison Martel: A Family House Construction with A Simple Expression and Various Spaces

The Martel Family has three characters with strong personalities. By translating the personalities of the residents and maximizing the potential of the site, PPA Architecture constructs this family house and turns it into a house that blends perfectly with its surroundings. Maison Martel is simple in its expression and also providing some various spaces in the best qualities. It is a 2014 project of a family house located in Toulouse, France.