Hausfuchs House 35

Hausfuchs House: An Environmentally Friendly Timber Complex with Timber Construction and Top-Quality Architecture

Designed by IFUB* in 2018, Hausfuchs House demonstrates the top-quality architecture under one roof with infill and ecology in Vaterstetten, Germany. In this awesome project, one plot is divided into two, and the existing single-family home is replaced with a two-family duplex. The all-timber construction in this project also complies with the most stringent ecological building regulations of the city.

Union House 33

Union House: A Fun Multi-Level Home with Dramatic and Playful Features and Thoughtful Design

Now the clients live in a harmonious space with real utility, offering easy coordination to study, work, and leisure activities. This house also engages with the clients in dynamic and subtle ways, continues to delight friends and family. It is a fun multi-level home without sacrificing practicalities and environmental considerations. There some spacees to be shared and also some spaces for seclusion. The house levels are modular, transparent, and split with dramatic and playful features.