A’ Design Award

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A’ Design Awards & Competition – Last Call for Entries

As an independent and expert appraisal for design, A’ Design Award & Competition offers a big opportunity for people with design concepts, best designs, and products & services worldwide to compete on a competitive platform. Everyone from different industries and different experience levels can join this competition, getting valuable feedback from the international jury panel and also an awesome experience. Make an entry to the design award here and get all benefits by winning the award.

World Design Rankings: The Latest World Design Rankings from A’ Design Award

World Design Rankings is sponsored by A’ Design Award and Competition, the most influential design accolade in the world. It ranks all the countries based on the number of designers that have been granted with the A’ Design Award and it also announces the best design worldwide in Design, Architecture, and Arts. The website of World Design Rankings provides all designers’ overall ranking and score based on the number of design awards won globally.

A’ Design Awards & Competition – Call for Submissions

Enter your design here to join this largest annual juried design competition in the world. The deadline for regular submissions is September 30 and the results will be announced to the public on April 15. Selected winners and results also will be posted on Futurist Architecture on April 15. Click here or here for more information about A’ Design Awards & Competition.

A’ Design Awards & Competition – Standard Call for Entries

It is a premier annual juried design competition for the best architects, designers, engineers, brands, design studios, and design oriented companies worldwide. The primary aim of A’ Design Award and Competition is to create PR push, publicity, and advertisement opportunities for the winners while supporting the culture of global design. This competition is organized in a wide range of categories and the jury composed of Academics, Professionals, Enterprise, and Focus Group members.

A’ Design Awards & Competition – Winners

A’ Design Award & Competition offers a wider connection, international awareness, credibility, fame, recognition, and prestige for its winners. They are awarded and organized internationally in wide categories by this world’s largest annual juried design competition. All entries in this competition are evaluated by the best internationally influential expert with more than 170 members of the jury panel. It is a perfect design competition for companies, innovators, and designers that focus on technology, creativity, design, and innovation to show the world how good their works are. The winners will get an extensive winners’ kit called A’ Design Prize.