7 Minimalist Small Bedroom Ideas With Super Useful Storage Space Furniture

It will be more tricky to design a small bedroom and transform it into the coziest room in your home. A small bedroom with its limited space doesn’t allow you to choose any bedroom furniture as you wish. There are a lot of things to consider before choosing and adding furniture for a small bedroom.

10 Unique U-Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas With Abundance Cabinet

If it is about saving your kitchen space, you need to try a U-shaped kitchen design. This design is known as a three-sided design with cabinetry on three adjoining walls to create a U-shape. It doesn’t have to be restricted to three walls, you can add an island unit or breakfast bar at one end of the walls.

Peaks View Residence: A Unique Home with A Refined and Warm Character

Peaks View Residence is an award-winning residential project designed by CLB Architects. This house is located in a grassy meadow near Wilson, Wyoming. It is an assemblage of building volumes in a 6,500-square-foot program area. The design solution of this house is used to complete two main goals which are conflicted with each other.

Aranzazu House: A Family House Built with Exposed Concrete and Wood

Located in Argentina, Aranzazu House is a family house designed by Besonias Almeida Arquitectos. The goal is to create a house of permanent use where the clients can live intensely with the relationship between interior and exterior spaces. The presence of wood breaks the monochromatic expression of the exposed concrete.