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House 24: A Tropical Home with A V-Shaped Patio for Entertainment

Located in Singapore, House 24 is defined as a massing comprising two blocks. It is a tropical home designed by Park+Associates Architects for a client with a wish to live in a home with a tropical locality reflection. A V-shaped patio on the first floor becomes the main place for entertainment.

Sandton Residence: A New Residence with Interesting Monolithic Language

The design of Sandton Residence is defined as stacked and intersecting perforated ‘boxes’. It is a new 3-storey residence with 1400 sqm in size designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects. Located in Johannesburg, this home looks amazing thanks to its interesting monolithic language.

The Cliffside House: An U-Shaped Family Home with Large Expanses of Glass

Perched above Lake Austin, The Cliffside House offers endless views around a heritage oak grove in Austin. It is an u-shaped family home designed by LaRue Architects for a young professional couple with three small children. The goal is to provide fantastic vistas through large expanses of glass.