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House Serengeti: A Luxury Family Home with An Environmentally-Friendly Design

Located in South Africa, House Serengeti is a residential project designed by an awesome collaboration of Nico van der Meulen Architects, M Square Lifestyle Design, and M Square Lifestyle Necessities. The main idea of this project is to create a luxury family home with an environmentally-friendly design.

5 Modern Minimalist Home Exterior Ideas Inspired By Japanese House For An Avant-Garde Living

A Japanese design is always clean and minimalist. These are principles applied not only for its interior but also exterior. Thus, a Japanese design matches well with a modern design that is also characterized by minimalism and clean lines.

Vivienda Texturas: A Textural Architecture with Natural Finishes

Roberto Benito Arquitecto has completed a 2020 residential project called Vivienda Texturas. It is a 370 m² house located in Argentina, designed as a cozy gathering place with family and friends. This house reflects a textural architecture while its natural finishes can create interesting expressiveness.

Casa CV: Exposed Concrete Framed with Rustic Wood in the Middle of Forest

Located in Guatemala, Casa CV is a 2008 residential project designed by Paz Arquitectura. This house sits in a wooded area with a mountainous topography. Exposed concrete framed with rustic wood is used as the main constructive element to respect the beautiful surrounding nature on the site.