How to Create a Traditional English Cottage Feel in Your Home

A quaint English cottage in Autumn

If you’re thinking of renovating your home and feel inspired by English cottage designs, why not merge the two? There are so many stunning characteristics that can easily be implemented in your home – and on a budget.

Traditionally cottages were built in rural or semi-rural areas, but anyone in any location can adopt this type of interior styling. That’s what makes this so special. Here we’ve put together a simple guide to help you create a traditional English cottage feel in your home.

Think carefully about your front door

Creating that conventional cottage vibe starts from outside your home. Traditional cottages tend to have a light-colored door – white, teal, or yellow – with a large window and extravagant door knocker. Tick this off your list and you’ve already made great headways! These types of front doors aren’t exactly inexpensive, but the effect they can have is second to none.

Make use of potted plants and brightly colored shrubs

A traditional cottage is nothing if it’s not surrounded by beautiful greenery. In the path (made of stone, if possible) that leads up to your front door, make sure family and guests are greeted by stunning potted plants and brightly colored shrubs. These can be found at your local garden center, so you don’t have to pump too much time or money into this part of the cottage plan.

Choose shutters over curtains or blinds

If you’re serious about transforming your ordinary home into a traditional English cottage, we strongly recommend dressing your windows with shutters instead of curtains or blinds. Not only is this another simple way to add character to your home’s exterior, but they’re also really handy for controlling both light and privacy.

Accessorise the interior with wooden materials

The inside of cottages often boasts furniture and accessories of the wooden variety, so keep this in mind when it comes to planning the interior of your home. Especially prominent in kitchens, opt for a traditional wooden dining table and chairs, rustic wooden cabinets, and a unique wooden knife holder. All of these elements will pull together nicely to create that cute English cottage feel.

Utilize floral prints in the bedrooms

When it comes to the bedroom(s) in your home, floral prints are an absolute must. Nothing says English cottage style like flowery designs on your wallpaper, cushions, bedspread, and artwork. Of course, be careful not to go overboard as less certainly is more, but if you get the balance correct, you’ll be well on your way to countryside chic!

Put up fairy lights both inside and outside

Lighting is so important when it comes to your home so feel free to experiment – especially with fairy lights! A fantastic addition to both the interior and exterior of your home, these simple yet powerful lights can inject the warmth and coziness often found in English cottages. Better yet, prices start from just £2.75 online, so you don’t need to save up your pennies in order to take action on this suggestion.

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