What to Do Before Movers Arrive

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Are you moving soon? Whether you’re hiring professional movers or doing it yourself, there are a few things you need to do before they arrive. After reading this blog post, you’ll know what to do so your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Properly box up your stuff

Before movers even arrive, you need to start boxing up your stuff. This will help make the move go more quickly and smoothly. Make sure to label each box with what room it goes in at your new house. A good way to label boxes is to use a different color for each room. This will make it easy for movers to put the boxes in the right place.

Pack fragile items carefully

You need to pack your fragile items carefully so they don’t break during the move. Make sure you have enough bubble wrap or other protective material, and then take your time putting things into their boxes. If an item is very fragile, consider putting a note on the box to indicate this.

Get Rid Of Items You’re Not Moving

Before movers arrive, you should get rid of the items that you’re not moving. This will make your move go more quickly and smoothly. Make sure all the things you’re keeping are boxed up and labeled appropriately so it’s easy to put away in your new place after movers have left. If possible, sell or donate any items you’re not moving. This will help make the move less expensive and stressful. It’s also a good way to declutter your home.

Let the movers know where to park

If you’re going to have movers come, you need to let them know where they can park. If there’s not room for the moving van on your property, you’ll need to find a spot nearby that they can use. Make sure it’s a space big enough for the truck and has easy access to your house so that they can unload the truck quickly.

Make a moving plan

Before movers arrive, you should make a moving plan. This will help ensure that everything goes smoothly on move day. Your moving plan should include what time everyone is going to start and finish packing when the movers are scheduled to arrive, and where all of your belongings will go when they get to your new house. It’s also a good idea to create a packing list so you don’t forget anything.

Clear Pathways Inside The Home

To make the move go more quickly and smoothly, you need to clear pathways inside your home. Make sure there’s a path from each room where boxes are stacked up all the way through to the front door for movers to walk on when they’re moving things out of your house. This will help them get everything done faster!

Prepare Your Kids For Moving

If you have kids, you need to prepare them for moving. Explain to them what’s happening and answer any questions they may have. Talk about the new house and how excited everyone is to move in. You can also read them stories about moving or watch movies that are related to moving. This will help make the transition easier for them.


Now that you know what to do before movers arrive, the move will go more smoothly. These tips are valuable for anyone who’s moving and hiring professional movers or doing it themselves. It’s important to remember to take your time packing and labeling your boxes, getting rid of the items you’re not moving, and preparing your kids for moving. By following these tips, you’ll be ready for a smooth transition to your new home.

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