4 Tips for Safely Increasing the Amount of Fresh Air in Your Home Daily

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Getting fresh air into our homes is important, as it can both improve our health and make our main living spaces a more pleasant place to spend time.

There are a few ways to go about boosting the amount of air circulation which goes on, so here are a handful of tips to do this safely.

Invest in an air purifier

Air purification is something you can handle proactively, with devices made specifically to filter nasty particulates out of the air and keep indoor areas fresh and free from harmful elements.

You can choose between all sorts of equipment in this context, from a ceiling mounted air purifier to one which is portable and can be plugged in wherever it is needed.

Be aware of the costs not only of procuring an air purifier, but also the expenses it will incur over time in terms of energy consumption. Factoring these into your calculations when making a choice should ensure you get the right gadget for your budget.

Open windows strategically

While it is obvious that opening all of the windows and doors in your home will let in lots of fresh air, this is neither practical nor especially safe from a security perspective.

For this reason, it makes sense to be strategic with how you handle this and to think about the way air moves through enclosed spaces.

Creating a through-draft will help a lot, for example. All you need to do to achieve this is to open two windows, one at each end of the property. If you have a property with more than one floor, having one window open on each floor is effective.

The wider the window, the more air will be let in and out. But if you don’t want to leave lots of unobserved entry points to your home, you can always open a window with just a crack and use the locking mechanisms present on many modern fittings to provide ventilation without compromising on security.

Deploy fans

If you have a desk fan or any kind of basic domestic fan to hand, this can be called upon to catalyze the movement of air through your home.

Place the fan close to an open window and point it outwards, rather than into the room. This will send the air from indoors out into the wide world while creating pressure that pulls air from outside in to replace it.

Combine this tactic with your open-window strategy mentioned earlier, and you should have an affordable and effective option for increasing the amount of fresh air in your home.

Likewise, if you have integrated fans in places like your bathroom and your kitchen, which would usually be harnessed to haul moist air out of these rooms, they can be put to good work drawing in fresh air by creating drafts in their own right. In essence, the three cornerstones of this process are ventilation, ventilation, and ventilation.

Keep tabs on your fresh air setup

Whatever approach you take to bring fresh air inside and expel stale, potentially dangerous air, be vigilant if there are vulnerable individuals and animals in your home that might be adversely affected by specific strategies.

For example, if you have young children or pets, do not leave them unattended in rooms that have fans active in them, unless of course, these are ceiling-mounted units.

Regardless of your reasons for thinking about fresh air, there are ways to get this into your home safely. You just need to think carefully and remain alert while using them.

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