What to Look for in a Cooktop Stove

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If you plan to renovate your kitchen or switch your cooking center to your island space, you will need to decide on the best cooktop stove. Your cooktop is one of the most important tools in your kitchen, from frying up your family recipe chicken or brewing a cup of tea.

Cooktop stoves have many benefits for your family kitchen. They allow you to have more design options with their convenience and style. With a separate cooktop, your kitchen will become less heated in one area when you are using your stove and your oven. You also gain more valuable storage space when you eliminate the bulk of a traditional range.

Cooktops come in a variety of designs to suit your cooking preferences. You can get a gas cooktop that has a live flame for cooking. Electric cooktops are a great option if you are on a budget and can be used with any type of cookware. Induction cooktops are great for those that love to embrace the newest technology. Induction cooktop stoves use the power of electromagnetism to cook your food instead of heat which is perfect for families with small children. Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors to look for when you are shopping for a new cooktop stove.


Most cooktop models come in sizes between 30 to 36 inches wide. If you are designing your kitchen, you will need to consider the size and placement of your new cooktop stove. Keep in mind that you will lose counter space where you choose to put your cooktop, so it’s best to create a layout before starting your project. If you are replacing an older cooktop model, you will want to make sure that you measure your old stove so that your installment will go smoothly. Most cooktops come with four or five burners. Larger cooktops are available for home chefs that need more cooking space but will generally take up more room in your kitchen.


The amount that you spend on your new cooktop stove will depend on many factors. In general, induction cooktops tend to cost more as they use sophisticated technology. Electric cooktop models tend to be the most affordable, but they will use more energy making your electric bills a bit higher. Your long-term costs should also be considered, including the replacement of gas cooktop burners and electric drip plates.


Electric cooktops may be your most affordable option, but they generally hold up well to regular use. Much of the durability that comes with your chosen cooktop will depend on the cost and brand. It’s important to do your research before you invest in a new cooktop. Check the manufacturer’s website and pay attention to the customer reviews to get a fair view of the product’s reliability and durability. Always follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines to help your cooktop last for years.


Cooktops can be messy. One of the factors that you should consider when buying a new cooktop is the ease of cleaning. A smooth top electric cooktop is definitely one of the easiest to clean without raised surfaces. Most gas ranges come with various grill plates that will need to be removed and placed in your dishwasher to clean effectively. The induction cooktop is the easiest and safest model to clean as the surface is smooth, and there is no risk of burns.


The safety of your kitchen is a concern for many parents. Induction cooktops are one of the safest options for cooking that you can add to your home. The cooktop’s surface will not get hot with the unique cooking method and put little hands at risk in the kitchen. You are using an open flame with gas cooktops, so you need to be careful about the items you leave too close to your burners, like plastic utensils or dish towels that can melt or catch on fire. Electric cooktop burners change color when hot to alert you visually when there is a potential burn risk.


Higher-end electric and induction cooktops have replaced knobs with digital controls. This allows you to control your cook settings with just one touch. They give your kitchen a modern, sleek look that will match your decor. Cooktops with knobs are still highly functional but don’t have the same aesthetic if you want a contemporary look for your kitchen.

If you are searching for a new cooktop, you will have lots of styles and models from which to choose. It’s essential to consider your cooking habits and needs when buying a cooktop stove. Each style has both advantages and disadvantages depending on your lifestyle and your needs. Take your time and research each type of cooktop to help you make the right decision for your home. With careful consideration, you will end up with a cooktop that suits both your cooking style and your kitchen decor.

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