10 Rustic Decor Ideas for Small Dining Room

Villa Out Of The Box 5

Rustic design can be defined as the opposite of modern or contemporary design. It is a unique style that is natural, aged, and also organic. If you are interested to use rustic to decorate and beautify especially your small dining room, here are 10 rustic decor ideas for you.

1. Tumble Creek Cabin by Coates Design Architects

Tumble Creek Cabin 11

This vacation home is designed by Coates Design Architects and is located in the Suncadia Resort. Tumble Creek Cabin combines sustainable modern architecture with reclaimed rustic materials which also can be seen in its small dining room.

Photography: Coates Design Architects


2. Kicking Horse Residence by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Kicking Horse Residence 6

Designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson for a family of four, Kicking Horse Residence has a small dining room with wooden dining furniture. The rustic decor idea for the small dining room in this residence is about simplicity where modern and rustic are combined.

Photographers: Nic Lehoux, Matthew Millman, Best Impressions


3. Mieszkanie Jaworzno by Widawscy Studio Architektury

Mieszkanie Jaworzno 10

It is a beautiful house designed with a colorful and rustic design. Mieszkanie Jaworzno is designed by Widawscy Studio Architektury for a small family, beautified by a rustic decor idea on its small dining room and small kitchen as well.

Photographer: TOMASZ BORUCKI


4. Shooting Star by Blaze Makoid Architecture

Shooting Star 15

Need a rustic decor idea with a modern look? You can try this one. Designed by Blaze Makoid Architecture, the awesome dining room in Shooting Star is completed with the use of a wooden dining table that gives a rustic vibe. Black chairs are placed around this table, completing the vibe awesomely.

Photographer: Paul Dyer


5. Villa Out of the Box by Arjen Reas Architecten

Villa Out Of The Box 5

Designed by Arjen Reas Architecten in association with Van Voorden Architecture, Villa Out of the Box offers a simple rustic decoration with a contemporary interpretation of the rural surroundings. On its small dining room, the rustic decor idea is about using rustic furniture (table and chairs) and decoration (dining table decoration).

Photography: Arjen Reas Architecten


6. Woodhouse by Superkul

Woodhouse 6

It is a striking rural country house designed for a couple and their two children. Woodhouse is designed by Superkül with the use of a warm, textured material palette. For its small dining room, this house uses a rustic dining table and dining chairs to create a rustic look.

Photography: Alex Fradkin / Kayla Rocca


7. Kayak Point by Christopher Wright Architecture

Kayak Point 7

Do you have a small dining nook? Then beautifying it with a rustic decoration just like in Kayak Point will be awesome. It is a relatively small house designed by Christopher Wright Architecture with the use of a rustic dining table to decorate its small dining nook.

Photography: Benjamin Benschneider and Anna Spencer


8. Protective Hut on Fichtelberg Mountain by AFF Architekten

Protective Hut On Fichtelberg Mountain 7

You can find a strong rustic look in this building’s small dining room. Designed by AFF Architekten, Protective Hut on Fichtelberg Mountain has a concrete structure that is completed with a rustic decoration inside its dining room (a wooden dining table, pendant lights, and black chairs).


9. The Ibiza Campo House by Standard Studio

The Ibiza Campo House 6

The beautiful authentic ‘Sabina beams’ that are used for this house can bring a rustic vibe. Designed by Standard Studio, the rustic decor idea for a small dining room in The Ibiza Campo House utilized a rustic dining table as the main highlight of the room.

Photographer: Youri Claesens


10. Living on the Edge by Arjen Reas Architecten

Living On The Edge 8

The rustic decor idea for small dining in this house not only comes from the dining furniture (wooden table) but also from the decoration on the wall. Living on the Edge is designed by Arjen Reas Architecten, offering traditional ideals with a contemporary house design.

Photography: Arjen Reas Architecten

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