Things That Make Your House a Home Without Spending a Dollar

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If you’ve been cooped up at home this past year like the rest of us, you’re probably sick of the same old walls and the drab furniture too. But money’s tight, and you probably don’t have the time to go on re-furnishing or redesigning your whole space either.

In that case, what are you supposed to do? Living in a place that no longer feels like home is a pretty depressing thing to have to put up with, but what if you learned that you didn’t need excessive amounts of money or too much time to turn your house into a home?

Today, we’re going to talk about all the things you can do to your house to make it feel more like home!

Keep Your Kitchen Simple

It’s pretty easy for your kitchen to pile up into a mess sometimes, but if you put in a little effort and get rid of all the things you don’t need in there, you can minimize the mess.

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Donate all the kitchen utensils you don’t usually use and use the new space to store everything in the kitchen cabinets. Storing things on the kitchen counters makes your kitchens look strange and mismanaged no matter how clean they are, which is why storing everything inside is so important.

Prioritizing what to keep and what to throw away is important, especially when you’re in a small home – as stated in the blog in the following words “When you have a tiny kitchen, prioritizing how much space you have or can get is key.”

Rearrange the Furniture

If any room in your house feels too stuffy, try rearranging the furniture to give it a fresh feel. You can learn online about all kinds of space maximizing theories that interior designers swear by – these will let you make the best use of any available space.

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When you’re replanning the layout, think about where the exits are, where all the windows are placed, and what people will have to pass through to get to the bed in case of your bedroom. Make sure that you’re not letting any large shelves or cabinets block out light and air, or that the living room couch isn’t surrounded by tall shelves that lock it in.

Use Old Paint

Most homes have a half-empty can of paint just lying around in the attic. Strange as it seems, it’s usually a leftover from the days your home needed to be painted. If that’s the case with you, too, how about you put it to good use?

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You can paint an accent wall or the ceiling, and you can even go artsy on the inside of your closet or the bookshelves. Painting some of your cabinets a different color is a great way to make your kitchen stand out more, and you can even give some of your old furniture a fun new look. Think about all the things inside your house just begging for a makeover, and go crazy!

Bring Nature to Your Door

In fact, why stop at your door? One of the best ways to make your house feel like a home is to bring the nature inside! Plants, flowers, rocks, and twigs all have a way of making a place look cool, calm, and homey. That’s because nature calms us down and helps us unwind, not to mention how easy on the eyes it can be.

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Put some flowers from your garden in the vases, grow a windowsill strawberry plant in your kitchen, and a lemon plant in some pots hung on the wall. You can grow plants at home from the vegetables you buy from the grocery store – and not even the parts you eat. Instead of wasting the scraps, you can simply grow new plants out of them.

If growing plants isn’t your thing, try going for a different aesthetic and bring in some pretty rocks and twigs from a nearby lake or a windowsill to place on a shelf or top of your fireplace. Anything’s fine, as long as your home gets a little touch of nature!

Bring Out the Knick Knacks!

If you’re a collector of funky, interesting things, it’s no use keeping them locked away at home. Whether it’s mugs, band t-shirts, action figures, jewelry, or anything that you love, keeping it insight can make your house feel more like home.

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Keeping your collections in plain view can also be a great conversation starter with guests, and let them know a fun side of you that they wouldn’t normally have the chance to see.

Time to Doodle

Who says the walls of your home have to be dull, boring, and a single color? Doodling might be discouraged when you’re a kid, but now that you’re grown up nothing is stopping you from getting some paintbrushes or sharpies and going bananas!

Write meaningful quotes, draw goofy cartoons, and make things that bring you joy all over a simple will for your choosing. You can even try to paint some simple patterns and designs on there to give it a sophisticated feel. Take some photos off the internet and use them as a reference to turn your walls into works of art.

Use Old Photographs

There’s no use keeping your photos piled up under your bed while you’re struggling to make your space your own. If you want, you can display them out in the open to personalize your home.

You can either display them on a single wall in your living room, paste them with sticky tape all over the place or put them around your bookshelves. You can even paste them over your cupboard doors and kitchen cabinets!

Adding personal touches to your home is incredibly easy and inexpensive, but only with a little bit of imagination. At the end of the day, you need to remember that having your home feel like home is more important than your home looking fashionable.

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