How to Decorate Your Home with the Right Plantation Shutters

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If you’re thinking of getting shutters for your living room but aren’t sure how exactly to decorate your home with them, then read on. Plantation shutters are a great way to liven up your home while making it stand out from the rest.

Learn these ways to decorate your interior with the right plantation shutter.

Decorate Your Living Room

Now you can bring the warmth and coziness of the outdoors into your living room with a plantation shutter. Available in a variety of sizes, so they’re sure to fit any window, these budget-friendly panels transform your home decor instantly.

Make Sure It Doesn’t Cast A Shadow 

Plantation shutters should be mounted high enough to not cast shadows on furniture and floors. You should measure from floor level and project where you expect your furniture to install on measurements of their size. It will allow you to determine if your desired location has enough space for your curtains or blinds.

Choose The Right Color Scheme  

Interior design professionals recommend looking at what room you would like to have painted to determine which color palette would work best.

Those who want their room’s walls to stand out should choose warm colors like reds, yellows, oranges, and deep greens. These hues blend well with browns and blacks that may already exist in the room, such as dark wood furniture pieces or tile floors because they have earthy undertones. Remember that a suitable color scheme can accentuate already present colors or create new ones altogether.

The Key Is To Keep It Simple

The distinctive look for these plantation shutters are clean lines, straight geometric shapes, plenty of airy space, and light colors. Keeping an open floor plan is also important because such long panels take up space. The key to using plantation-style shutters to decorate your home is keeping it simple: don’t go overboard on design.

Liven Up Your Home

Choose shutters that match your window style (casement, double-hung), go neutral on colors if you want to be daring later, frame window panes in natural tones, and close offside windows before trimming the blinds.

Shutters in the Bedroom

New bedroom shutters are an excellent way to freshen up and update your bedroom. A plantation shutter gives you privacy but still lets some light in. They are also helpful in masking noise from an outside street or road while also providing insulation during the summer months.

Slatted Vs. Vertical

Slatted or louvered shutters offer privacy and allow plenty of light in a while, maintaining some level of visibility through the slats or louvers.

With vertical panels, you can maximize window space while still providing excellent insulation from heat and cold, allowing your home’s heating and cooling systems to do their job more efficiently.

Shutters Over Large Windows

Consider adding plantation shutters over large windows, like those in kitchens and living rooms, for added privacy or light control without blocking out too much natural light. You might also want to install them over exterior doors or windows since they provide sun protection and security.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Shutters don’t have to be white or beige. You can experiment with different colors and textures. If you want something besides traditional white shutters, go for it. Check out pictures online, or head to your local home improvement store for inspiration.

All sorts of styles and colors are available that will suit your home’s aesthetic tastes as well as changing seasons. So, make sure to pick the ones that appeal most to you.

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