How to Find the Right Stair Lift for Your Home

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Seniors, individuals with disabilities, and people who sustained severe injuries can benefit significantly from stairlifts. Simple tasks like climbing stairs may seem arduous to people who have mobility issues. You have to essentially balance your whole body weight on one foot at a time while climbing stairs.

You may consider installing stairlifts to help out a resident in your house with mobility issues. It’s critical to invest in stairlifts from reputed brands such as Stannah Stairlifts to make your home more accessible to your disabled, injured, or senior relative.

What are Stair Lifts?

Stairlifts are motorized seats that are installed along your existing staircase. It is not necessary to modify your home or stairs in order to accommodate stairlifts. The lifts are fixed close to the inner stair wall and can carry people up and down. Stairlifts generally use battery-charged, electrical motors to operate. Your senior or disabled relative can operate the stairlift by themselves.

The individual with mobility issues can sit on the seat and start the stairlift. The lift will slide up or down the stair wall to transfer the individual upstairs or downstairs. You may choose between several stairlifts, including temporary stairlifts, compact stairlifts, manual stairlifts, and swivel-chair stairlifts. It may be a good idea to define and understand your requirements before finalizing a stairlift for your home.

Stair Rail and Stair Case Type 

The lift is installed on your stair rail. Therefore you may want to choose a lift that fits your stair rail and is compatible with it. Your stair rails should be able to handle the weight of the stairlift. The lift should also not be too large for your stair rail and staircase.

You may consider choosing folding stairlifts from brands like Stannah Stairlifts to save space and get the right stairlift at an affordable price. The stairlift should also be strong enough to carry the weight of the disabled person up and down the stairs. You may need custom-made stairlifts that can easily travel up and down the curved staircase if you have a curved staircase.

Special Features of the Lift

You may evaluate the features that the stairlift comes with. While the safety of your disabled, senior or injured family member is the priority, you may also consider the unique features that the lift integrates. The lift’s construction quality should meet relevant safety standards.

You may also want to choose a lift that comes with easy-to-use controls. Weather-resistant and secured lifts may be the best choice for outdoor staircases.

Cost of the Lift

Stairlifts are primarily installed to enhance the safety and comfort of your loved ones. While it’s imperative, you choose an affordable list; it’s also essential that you prioritize quality and safety over price.

Custom-made stairlifts are likely to be more expensive than standard stairlifts, especially if your staircase isn’t in a usual or common shape. Still, it will mean a lot to a disabled family member if you spend a bit more to get them the perfect stairlift.

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