5 Things You Can Do to Make You Home Safer Overall

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Every adult needs to prioritize home safety. Crime rates continue to rise in various parts of the country, and every person needs to take measures so they don’t fall victim to a predator. Summer comes with warm weather, plenty of sunshine, and higher rates of household crimes. The United States Department of Justice says this is one of the worst times of year for household crime followed by holidays. What can men and women do to make their home a safer place? The following measures serve as a good starting point for boosting home security.

Install Better Locks

Upgrade the locks in the home. Many people never do this when they move into a new residence, but they should. Locks with high-security standards offer more protection than the standard locks most new homes come with. Consider investing in a deadbolt, as this lock can be used in conjunction with the existing lock or replace it entirely.

According to Statista, there were 6.92 million reported cases of property crime in 2019. The District of Columbia has the highest property crime rate overall, but New Mexico has the highest rate of burglaries. Most break-ins occur when the homeowners are at work, which shows the importance of having good locks on your home.

Individuals might choose to purchase a deadbolt that requires a key on both sides. However, men and women shouldn’t lock the inside lock when they are home. Doing so could make it difficult to exit the home in an emergency. If the inside lock is secured, keep the key next to the lock for easy access if something goes wrong. If you are ready to upgrade the locks in your home, check out Texas Premier Locksmith. The team at this business helps clients find the right lock for their needs.

Invest in Motion-Activated Lights and Smart Bulbs

Exterior lights deter criminals, as they prefer to work in the dark when it’s easier to remain undetected. Many people turn their exterior lights off at night to keep energy bills low. In addition, constantly running lights can disturb neighbors who want a good night’s rest. Motion-activated lights serve as the perfect solution in this situation, as they only cut on when they detect motion. An intruder on a property will probably take off when the lights cut on, as they know whoever is on the property will be alerted to their presence. This helps to ensure the safety of those on the property without costing the owner a fortune in electricity.

Furthermore, these lights become of great help when a person comes home after dark. The lights come on when they walk by the sensors, so people can see where they are going at night. With this type of lighting, a homeowner doesn’t need to worry about leaving a light on and alerting others to the fact they aren’t home. This helps to make the home safer while ensuring the safety of people walking on the property after dark.

Programmable indoor lights serve as another good option for anyone looking to improve security in and around their home. Purchase smart bulbs and install an app to program them when you are away from your residence. This can be done anywhere you have the internet once the app is on your device. People are often surprised to learn how much they can save by switching to this lighting option. The LED bulbs last tens of thousands of hours and are extremely energy efficient. The initial cost of the bulb is higher than other types, but the owner easily recoups this money in the savings achieved over the life of the bulb.

Purchase a Home Security System

Criminals often strike at night, using the darkness to cloak their presence. Security systems help to prevent this crime while providing the property owner with peace of mind knowing they have done everything possible to deter criminals. People may feel they won’t get a good return on investment if they purchase a home security system, but nothing is further from the truth. Research shows the presence of the system protects the home and the neighborhood.

A study was conducted over a four-year period ending in 2005 at the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice. This study found that homes with burglar alarms were less appealing to criminals. In addition, when a criminal saw a home with a burglar alarm, they would often leave the neighborhood completely rather than moving on to a home down the street. The presence of home security systems decreases crimes rather than displacing them.

Homeowners who have already taken this step need to confirm all parts of the home are protected. A person might not have their garage secured and burglars take advantage of this. Others fail to have their sunroom secured. Speak with the home security provider to ensure all portions of the home are connected to the system to provide the highest level of protection.

Make certain every family member uses the system when they leave the home. People often think they can run out for a few minutes and nobody will break in. Sadly, criminals only need a few minutes to remove valuable items from a home. In fact, it has been reported that most burglars are in and out of a residence in under ten minutes. Always arm the system regardless of how long you will be gone.

Keep All Windows Covered

Keep the windows and blinds closed to prevent others from seeing into the home. When they are open, people can learn what you have inside the residence that they may want to call their own. In larger homes, many men and women have motorized blinds. They then program the blinds to open and close at specified times. This makes it look like someone is home when they aren’t.

Regardless of what type of window coverings you have, always keep them closed at night or when you aren’t home. Don’t forget the windows in the garage. If a person looks into the garage and doesn’t see a car there, they will assume nobody is at home and it is safe to burglarize the house.

By covering the windows, a person blocks others from locating valuables in the home from outside. When someone comes to the door, they can see inside and may note the location of the TV, a gun cabinet, or other items they may wish to take. If they cannot see inside, you make it harder for them to plan a burglary while getting in and out as quickly as possible.


Renters get burglarized more than those who own their homes. Approximately 36 percent of renters today reside in an apartment, according to the National Multifamily Housing Council. Of these renters, over five million are single ladies. Criminals might assume they are an easy target and hit apartments first. Every renter needs to take steps to protect themselves from unsavory individuals.

When parking your vehicle in a shared lot, never leave any valuables in it. Bring your purse or wallet inside along with any other possessions. Although this may seem like a hassle, it’s much easier than replacing any items that are stolen. Some items cannot be replaced either. Furthermore, lock the doors every time you exit the car. This makes it harder for a criminal to get aside and they may choose to find an easier target. Upon entering the rental property, always lock the doors. Keep the windows locked and put up curtains or blinds to ensure others cannot see into the dwelling.

Management remains responsible for handling certain tasks, especially those related to common areas in the complex. This includes places like laundry centers, clubhouses, pools, and fitness centers. Renters, however, need to bring any concerns to the management team. They cannot be everywhere at once and must rely on others to share safety concerns so they can be addressed.

Landlords have a moral obligation to keep those renting their properties safe. When a tenant moves out, the landlord either needs to have the locks re-keyed or replaced. This ensures former tenants cannot access the property and take the new renter’s belongings. In addition, they should install exterior lighting, such as motion-activated lights, to deter criminals.

The landlord may also wish to plant shrubbery around the foundation of the building to prevent people from accessing first-story windows easily. However, make certain the plants or shrubs aren’t high enough to provide cover for someone looking to enter the property without authorization.

A person cannot be too safe today. Implement these measures to add a layer of security to your home. Although some measures will cost money, think of the hassle involved with reporting a crime. This takes valuable time many people do not have, and a person might find they don’t receive the full value of everything they have lost. It’s always easier to prevent a crime than to clean up behind one. Invest in additional safety measures for your home, as this is one move you won’t regret. You’ll sleep better at night knowing you have done what you can to protect your loved ones and your assets.

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