Benefits Of Installing Air Compressors In Your Garage

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Installing air compressors was only seen and done in big industries but thanks to technological advancement it can now be used at the comfort of your home and garage. These compressors now come with user-friendly technology and consist of many advantages which make energy-intensive manual tasks easy to perform. All that needs to be done is to connect the machine to a power source, and you are good to go.

Features Of A Home Air Compressor

An on/off switch, output ports,  and output compression adjustment buttons, are included with compressors for residential usages. The ports can be used to attach to a nozzle, which can then be directly linked to an attachment including a blowpipe. As for the pressure adjustment button, its function is to control the air coming out of the compressor.

You need to ensure when purchasing air compressors is the safety valve. Many compressors come with this feature that helps to release the compressed air from the tank. It is inadvisable to hold compressed air at a pressure that would eventually result in the rusting of your tank due to condensation.

Home air compressors also come with attachments like a blow nozzle. Besides, you can also add other attachments to your blow nozzle which would make it easier for you to fill up your vehicle tire, a ball, or simply inflatable bounce houses for kids.

Now the main feature that everyone is concerned about is the level of noise air compressors make. You can check out Tom Bradly for the best quiet air compressors which are available in an affordable range.

Why Install An Air Compressor In Your Garage?

If you’re an avid craftsman or like to do your auto work or home repairs, then an air compressor will not only be your best friend in this area but also save you time and money. Gone are the days when you had to buy separate tools for manual work such as hammers, wrenches, saws, or drillers. You can now attach them to your air compressor and finish your work with no hassle.

For Woodworking Projects

With an air compressor, you’d never have to use any other hand tools again manually. However, you do need a nail gun to speed up the process by attaching it to the air compressor. You’ll be able to save not only time but money too as pneumatic nail guns used with air compressors cost less than battery-operated ones. Besides, these pneumatic nailers are lighter and easier to maneuver.

For Auto Repairs

If you’re tired of paying large sums to the mechanic for the smallest auto repair work, you can do it yourself with an air compressor. These small jobs include changing the fuel filter, tuning up, or installing a new PCV valve any other work a car owner can do following instructions regarding the work.

The only matter to worry about is the removal of bolts that is either situated in tiny tight spaces or where it might have rusted. The good news, however, is that with the help of a ratchet tool, attached to the newly installed air compressor, would get those tight bolts off right away. It is so easy that almost anyone can use it to repair little issues with their vehicle.

Spray Painting

With an air compressor and a spray gun, you can start spray painting your furniture, surfaces, or walls, and even do an actual painting without brushes (that is if you are busy and can’t spare the time). All your painting projects can be done with the help of one tool.

Using the sprayer with an air compressor can also give you the finishing needed for your kitchen cabinets. It’ll give you a smooth and fine look, not only to your furniture but will give a new look to your entire kitchen and home.

For Other Uses

This versatile tool will save you time, large sums of money too. Its cost-effectiveness is one of the reasons why many people opt to install an air compressor at home in their garage. From clearing up sawdust in your garage, small auto repair work, spray painting, to air nailing new baseboards or crown moldings, this tool with the right attachments can help you get many works done around your home with less the amount you’d have spent on professional shops.

Things You Need To Consider When Purchasing An Air Compressor


If you live in a home with little space for a storage area then you can consider getting a pancake compressor. This can be stored in a closet or a shelf. However, keep in mind that a small unit like this will not be able to perform big tasks for instance auto repair work. They are limited to performing only light-duty work.

If you have enough area in your garage or workshop, you can get a larger portable air compressor for all kinds of projects.

Tank Size

The tank size would depend on the projects you’re working with and your budget. Also, it would depend on the amount of usage. For instance, spray paint would require a larger tank size.

Power Source

There are two types of air compressors: electric-powered and gas-powered. Electric-powered ones are best for indoor use as they do not produce fumes. Gas-powered are good for outdoor or garage use. These are best when power sources aren’t available.

Air Tools and Attachments

For jobs like inflating tires, mattresses or bouncing toys, a small unit of air compressor is enough with a few air tools required. However, if you’re regularly working on DIY projects, which involve woodworking, then a larger unit and many tools and attachments are needed to operate.

Now that you know why air compressors are a good investment for your home, you can go ahead and choose the one which meets your needs according to your space availability and budget. Besides, air compressors have become so easy to install, and you’ll also be surprised at how air tools can be so handy around your home and garage.

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