5 Signs You Desperately Need Garage Door Repair

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The garage is one of the most useful parts of a house. Whether you use yours as a parking place, a workshop, or a man-cave, it plays an important role.

However, it only has value if it’s working. It’s important to keep an eye on how your garage functions. Garage doors are convenient, but they often have problems.

This guide examines 5 signs you likely need garage door repair.

1. Garage Door Won’t Open

This is the first and most obvious example of garage door issues. Initially, you should run through some troubleshooting. Check the remote batteries and the hardwired switch inside. Look for any blockage interfering with the tracks.

If nothing jumps out, you likely have an opener problem. Most garage doors have a battery back-up. Even if the power trips, the door should still open on internal power.

If you aren’t having any luck, it’s time to have the door looked at by a technician. In the meantime, you can manually open the door for access.

2. The Mechanics are Excessively Noisy 

If you open your garage door often, you are familiar with the sound it’s supposed to make.

If the door is making new noises, you have garage door problems.

The noise could be rattling, grinding, or vibrations. These types of sounds are not normal. The mechanics could be going bad or the gears are not aligned.

The more you use the door under these conditions, the worse it will become.

Yet, if you act fast the situation can be solved and even upgraded. Take a look at Garageharmony.com to see how the process works.

3. The Door is Knocked Loose From its Tracks

Though most garage doors are sturdy, it doesn’t take too much force to knock it out of its tracks.

For example, even a small tap from the car bumper could jar the door loose. If the wheels dislodge, the door won’t open correctly.

What’s more, opening a dislodged garage door can bend the hardware beyond repair.

Don’t use a misaligned door until you have it serviced.

4. Sagging Door Issues

Sagging garage doors are a common occurrence. Garage doors a heavy and, over time, the weight puts stress on the hardware.

If you notice sagging, it’s time for garage door repair.

Your technician will perform a rebalancing of the door. This includes tightening and realigning the hardware. Depending on the severity, the pullies may need replacement.

5. Sluggish Opening and Closing

If you notice the garage door having slow and sluggish action, it is a warning sign.

Sometimes the issue is minor. The gears and tracks need lubrication.

Alternatively, the motor on the opener is worn out. If this is the case, it won’t be long until it stops working altogether.  A new garage door system is the right call.

Decide if You Need Garage Door Repair

Based on these warning signs, what is the status of your garage door? If you are noticing some of these issues, you desperately need garage door repair.

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