Top 6 Secrets You Need To Know When Moving to a New Home

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There are many factors to consider when moving into a new place apart from just packing and unpacking. Everyone needs their moving process to be as smooth as possible. Prioritizing what projects you want to tackle, getting associated with your house, and learning how it functions are a significant part of what is required of you when moving into a new home. The success of the endeavor mainly depends on avoiding moving mistakes and planning ahead. The following tactics will help you develop your to-do list and make the whole process before, during, and after a lot easier.

  1. Dismantle In Advance

Dismantling a cot, a bed, or that heirloom chest of drawers takes quite some time. It is thus advised to start dismantling the furniture as far in advance as possible. You could migrate your family into one downstairs room a week before the move itself. Prior dismantling will also give the removal men an easier job.

  1. Do A Walkthrough

Do a thorough walkthrough of your new house when it is empty before unloading the moving truck, getting unpacked, or even setting up your furniture. Among the things you would want to double-check is whether everything included in the sale is available in the house, if all requested and agreed-upon repairs have been made, and the status of switches, outlets, and fixtures. The presence of any issue that goes against the sale contract can be discussed with your realtor, and know the way forward.

  1. Early Booking

If you are hiring renting supplies, moving services, or other services like painters or cleaners, book early. Delaying to do so could result in not getting movers or a truck, especially if it is peak moving season. Sourci provides a wide range of moving trucks throughout the year and also offers after-sales services like installation.

  1. Child Proof

If you are moving into a new house with little children, the immediate step is to do some initial child-proofing for everyone’s safety until you can put your full set up into place. Several quick steps that can be executed on a moving day include; ensuring all windows are securely closed with no long hanging cords coming off of the blinds and creating separate, kid-free zones for the discarded packing materials. Also, keep harmful products like cleaning detergents out of reach from children.

  1. Know What’s Going Where

Making a plan for setting everything up will help you save a lot of money and trouble when moving into a new home. That mainly applies to large and bulky items like furniture. Developing a general idea of what goes in what room makes your job easier after unpacking.

  1. Utilities

Ensure that utilities are set up before moving into your new home. Also, make sure that everything is working and ready to go. On a moving day, check that your gas, water, electrical, phone, heating and cooling, and internet are set up. Afterward, call your local waste management department to ensure that your new home is set up for garbage pick-up.

Moving into a new home can be overwhelming. However, the above points can help make the transition more seamless. The moving process may involve a lot of jobs. Therefore, you could hire a professional moving company like sourci to assist in packing and providing transport services.

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