Inspiring Decor Ideas For Small Apartments: Creating An Illusion Of Space

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Apartment dwellers often struggle with home decor choices for obvious reasons. A cramped space is not the only challenge that you can expect to face while decorating the home according to your taste. You may also have to deal with rental rules if it is rented accommodation. Still, there is much you can do to have your style and personality shine through your home, regardless of area and budget constraints. Here are some inspiring ideas from expert Australian decor specialists you can rely on for creating an illusion of space for your small apartment.

Opt for minimalism

The simplest approach to ramp up your apartment’s design for creating an open look and feel is by opting for minimalism. Assess the living space room by room and clear the clutter to have additional floor area. Get rid of extra furniture pieces you seldom use because all they do is cramp up the place. Do it often and you will see the difference! Whenever you plan to pick new pieces, look for double-duty ones that serve as storage or fold up when not in use.

Invest in a paint job

Designers recommend a great paint job when it comes to winning with your apartment decor choices. While white is an all-time winner for small areas, do not be afraid to experiment with hues. You can get some inspiration from the best Sydney painting company to choose perfect shades for various parts of your living space. Creating accent walls in each room is an excellent idea. Opt for subtle shades because they light up congested areas and give a feel of openness. Stick to shades of white and cream for the remaining walls.

Use mirrors as a decor element

If you are looking to create an illusion of space in your small apartment, adding mirrors as a decor element is a great solution. They can make the room appear bigger, brighter, and lighter without costing a fortune. You have several options to match your taste. For example, you can play with shapes or choose different materials for mirror frames to give a personal touch. The best part about using them is that you can easily switch them around to change the decor from time to time.

Install open shelving

Small apartment decor is as much about utility as aesthetics. Find solutions that look good and offer much-needed storage space. Using open shelving on the walls is a great idea. You can stick with vertical shelves rather than horizontal ones as they elongate the space and make it look less cramped. Use them to creatively display the knick-knacks and store essentials like books and appliances, even in limited space.

Designing a small apartment may take some smart thinking, but it is easier than you imagine, provided that you use the available space judiciously and pick the right decor elements. Everything boils down to creating an illusion of space, and you are good to go, no matter how small the floor area of your little dream home is!

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