12 Beautiful Christmas Decorations to Adorn Your Lawn and Home

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2020 might be the year we need more holiday magic than ever. With the Covid-19 pandemic restricting travel, a Presidential election that further divided us, and so many in economic calamity, this year is the year to go over the top.

Do you remember the joy you felt as a kid, driving through your neighborhood with all the houses lit up? It’s time to pay that joy forward. There are so many beautiful Christmas decorations for your home to help spread goodwill.

Check out these 12 great Christmas decorations to get you and your neighborhood in the holiday spirit.

  1. Gift Wrap Your Doors and Windows

Who doesn’t like a Christmas present? Yes, Christmas time is where we express our love and gratitude to our friends and family through physical gifts.

Some can be expensive, like jewelry. Handmade gifts show another level of thought and care. Gift cards are impersonal but valuable for those people in your life who don’t know what they want.

Turn your house into a gift for the whole neighborhood by wrapping ribbon around your door and across your windows to mimic the gifts under the tree. Do this with a wide red ribbon and oversized bows.

  1. Decorate Your Christmas Tree Outside

Do you have pine trees on your lawn? They grow beautiful and tall. If you haven’t decorated them before, now’s the time. These grand trees on your property can become sparkling neighborhood centerpieces.

If you live in the city, a new trend is a porch Christmas tree. Adorn these porch trees with Christmas lights and ornaments to spread a little cheer to your neighbors and pedestrians.

  1. Lanterns

Nothing says Christmas quite like the sight of candles burning white. Lanterns along your walkway or your driveway add an extra amount of class and warmth.

You can make these lanterns yourself. All you need are empty gallon milk jugs, kitty litter or sand, and some candles. Cut the top of the milk jug, then fill the bottom with the litter or sand to give the plastic weight and hold the candle.

Insert the candle and light.

If you want something a little more decorative, you can buy luminaria bags meant for this purpose.

  1. A Little Garland Goes a Long Way

Dress up your doorways, porch posts, and banisters with garland. You can buy natural garland made from Douglas Fir or other pine for a single year of use, or you can go plastic with lights intertwined.

While pine is the traditional garland material, you can brighten up your home with a dried citrus garland, or one made from wooden spools.

  1. Lawn Ornaments

If you want to turn your home into an ostentatious winter wonderland, dress up your lawn with giant lawn ornaments.

These come in the form of classic bulb-shaped tree ornaments, inflatable snowmen, or Santa Claus sculptures. With these ornaments and statues, you can go the religious route by recreating a manger scene. Or turn your yard into the North Pole.

You can buy these Christmas lawn ornaments at any home improvement retailer. If you’re handy, you can get to work in your own workshop to make the Christmas season come alive.

  1. Wreaths

Does it get any more simple than hanging a wreath from your door? Aside from hanging mistletoe, buying a wreath and hanging it might be the easiest Christmas decoration there is.

Want to make your home more festive? Don’t stop at one. Adorn every front-facing window with a wreath. If your home has large panes, consider doubling up.

  1. Lights, Lights, and More Lights

Most years you might string a few lights around your windows and porch and call it a Christmas. This year is the year to go the extra mile. Invest in extra sparkle lights to make your home glow.

Think of all the places you string them and double up. Add a light display to your roof and chimney. Make your sparkle season even sparklier.

  1. Add Some Wagons

Red is one of the primary Christmas colors. Before the days of video games and smartphones, wagons were a coveted Christmas gift.

Give your lawn and home a nostalgic touch with red wagons. The best way to do this is to use them as planters for Christmas floral arrangements.

  1. Repurpose Winter Items

Upgrade your traditional home Christmas decorations with repurposed wintertime items. Do you have an old pair of ice skates lying around? Buff them clean, fill them with pine, and hang them from your door.

Maybe you have an old wooden sled. Sand it clean and set it on your porch to bring out the festive atmosphere of winter fun.

  1. Wooden Pallet Trees

You can find these wooden pallets in any warehouse. They’re often discarded or broken down. These pallets give you a unique opportunity for Christmas decorations. You can paint a tree on them.

The rough wood will give your home a rustic look. If you have an artistic touch, they present you with creative opportunities. Add some lights or bows to draw extra attention to your creation.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Mailbox

You’ve strung the lights, hung the wreaths, and decorated all of your outdoor trees. Then you notice your mailbox, sitting out there on your lawn, unadorned. Don’t leave it that way!

Wrap some lights or garland around the post and hang ornaments from your box. Your mailbox is a place ripe for some extra holiday cheer.

  1. Bring the Cheer Inside

You want to spread joy to your neighborhood with your festive Christmas decorations. Don’t forget to bring joy to yourself with indoor decorations. Aside from the traditional tree, stockings, and garland, there are many neat ways to decorate.

Consider some custom made Christmas bedding from https://www.visionbedding.com/.

Beautiful Christmas Decorations for 2020

Christmas 2020 will be different than any Christmas before. Travel will be replaced with virtual visits. That’s no reason to Bah-Humbug. It’s all the more reason to go all out with beautiful Christmas decorations.

Spread peace and goodwill to your whole neighborhood with these great outdoor decorating ideas.

Do you need more home decor tips? Check out the rest of our page.

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