Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bookshelf

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A bookshelf is one of the most useful pieces of furniture, which is present almost in every house. First of all, it is used for organizing and storing books. Furthermore, bookshelves are stylish elements of décor, which add special charm to a room and create a pleasant atmosphere for reading. 

There is a considerable number of different models of bookshelves presented in the furniture market. You can go to room service 360 and have a look at some of them. Owing to the fact that there are so many options available, you may have trouble in choosing the best bookshelf for you. Here are some tips which will help you to make up your mind.


Size is the most important criterion which you should take into consideration while deciding which bookshelf to buy. Generally, the size of a bookshelf is selected in accordance with the size of a room. You should consider such parameters as height, width and depth. If you have much free space in the big room, then you may have a wide and high bookshelf, which will be a practical and extravagant piece of furniture. If your room is small, you should go either for a high but not wide piece of furniture or a small one in order that it doesn’t steal much space and still be functional. The most significant thing to remember is to buy such a bookshelf which will not clutter the room. It is better not to fill up all the free space available, but leave a little for some accessories such as pictures, plants, etc.

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What is more, while choosing the perfect bookshelf, you should think about exactly where it will be located in your house or apartment. It may be:

  • Study. Bookshelves will raise your status in the eyes of everyone who gets into your office, but most importantly, they will create appropriate conditions for productive work. 
  • Living room. Bookcases will make a room a cozy and comfortable place for having rest. 
  • Bedroom. You can keep all your favorite books near your bed so that you can read before going to sleep. 
  • Corridor. It will be a practical solution to place this piece of furniture there in order to use available space effectively. 

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There are a lot of different types of bookshelves available. These are:

  • Standard. It is a basic type of furniture and its main purpose is storing books or frames. 
  • Decorative. Such a bookshelf is dedicated, first of all, to complement the design of the room and may be used for keeping minor items and knick-knacks.
  • Barrister. This type of bookshelves looks vintage and extravagant owing to doors and glass.
  • Cube bookshelf. It looks very contemporary and stylish. There you can keep not only books but also boxes, frames, accessories, etc.
  • Ladder. It is an unusual type of bookshelf, which may be used for decorative purposes as well as practical. 

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Another crucial factor which influences the quality of bookshelf is material from which it is produced. The most common are:

  • Wood. Such bookcases look traditional and elegant. They are also reliable and long-lasting. 
  • Metal. These bookcases will be an excellent choice for people who appreciate the modern and unusual design.  
  • Glass. Such bookcases usually have a metal frame and glass shelving. They are the best for decorating the room as they will make it look posh and luxurious. 

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In order to make your bookshelf fashionable, you should decorate it properly. If you store books in it, try to arrange them in color. Moreover, you can put some accessories on the shelves to make a bookshelf more attractive and eye-catching. For example, frames with photos, seashells, plants, etc. No matter which decorations you select, the most crucial thing is order. Don’t create a mess by placing too many items in your bookcase because it will completely destroy the style.

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Ultimately, you should think about the style of a bookshelf. Usually, it is selected according to the design of the room. If you admire the traditional and classical style, then the best option for you will be a wooden bookshelf, which is a rather popular choice. It will fit the interior and serve its functional purpose perfectly. However, if you like something extraordinary, then you can combine diverse styles, materials and colors. Therefore, you will bring a unique and contemporary look to your room. If you seek something exceptional, you should look through 100+ bookshelves ideas.

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Thus, a bookshelf is an important element of the interior in every house. It is used not only for storing items but also for creating a personal style. Currently, there are a lot of bookshelves presented in the stores so that it may be difficult to decide which one to buy. However, after reading our tips for choosing the best bookshelf, you will be able to analyze all available options and purchase such a model which will meet all your needs and requirements. 

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