Tips to Remodel Kitchen Under Budget

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The kitchen is one of the indispensable parts of every house. The yummy food and hunger awakening aromas can make you hungry again, even if your tummy is full. A foodie feels like a chef in their kitchen, and they spend a lot of time designing it or setting it up the way they want. A cozy and spacious kitchen is what every person who likes to cook wants, and they are always eager to remodel the kitchen from time to time. Remodeling the kitchen can cost you 20,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars, depending on the overhaul of things.

Pretty sure your heart is sinking, looking at these thousand dollars’ estimate if you are holding a big kitchen dream and a trivial budget. We often admire our friends’ kitchen or some that we see in interior magazines. We wish to have at least some bit of it in our kitchen too. If your cooking space is congested, you will spend your days fretting over cleaning the grease, doing dishes, and managing everything in small cabinets. People often start their day from the kitchen, preparing breakfast and lunch for themselves and their loved ones. If your day begins with handling a broken cabinet or stuffing everything in a cupboard, you will spend the rest of your day fretting over it.

If you want to remodel your kitchen according to the latest trends and taste luxury and modernism, you can search for popular remodeling trends to get excellent ideas. However, there are many smart tricks to remodel your kitchen while staying within your fixed budget. You do not have to pull off everything and start from scratch. All you need to do is look around and see how you can remodel things within your budget. Here is what you can do.

  1. Refresh instead of replacing

If you are thinking of tearing out and replacing spree, you are more likely to empty your wallet as these projects are expensive in general. Usually, people opt for replacing their kitchen cabinetry, which may cost you a lot. Instead of replacing your cabinets completely, you can choose to refresh the paint, polish, and replace the knobs and handles. This trick will cost less, and it can make your cabinets utterly new with a little change in color and knob replacements. You can also install open shelves as they are inexpensive and provide you more space in the cabinet to keep things.

  1. Refurbish

The other thing that can save you money is refurbishing kitchen appliances. If there is a minor issue in the appliance, look for the options to fix them. You can find tutorials about setting kitchen appliances like microwaves, dishwashers, or water softener. If you can understand the wiring and other mechanics, giving a try as DIY can save you money before you replace them with brand new appliances. If all ends fail and you cannot fix them, then opt for buying second-hand electronics if you are very short on budget.

  1. Stencil out tiles

Want to add more colors to plain old dull white tiles of your kitchen? No, you don’t need to change them. One of the stress-free and fun ways to add color and pattern to the tiles is by stenciling them out. Pick out any of your favorite stencil patterns, paint, and start changing your tiles. Painting is way cheaper than replacing all the tiles with extra labor money. Stencils will transform your kitchen’s whole look, and you can enjoy some vibrant colors on your wall. Tile stencils are inexpensive, and so are the tile paints.


  1. Paint the floor

If your kitchen has an old wooden floor, instead of pulling out the whole floor, save the money and buy paints. Wooden floors are easy to paint, and you can easily find adequate paints for floors. You might feel odd to paint the floor, but a professional refinishing can cost you $2000 while the color will only cost $200. You can use a polyurethane-based porch or floor enamel to give a shiny texture along with the paint. There are many ideas to change the look of your kitchen while keeping the footprint intact.

  1. Do not change the layout.

Changing the layout of other rooms is relatively easy as we only have to drag the room’s furniture. On the contrary, it is ideal not to opt for such for the kitchen. Changing the kitchen layout will cost you more than you can imagine. Changing the plumbing line or moving the sink to another place will include a lot of labor and costs, and in the end, it might not go as planned. Look for the options that you can choose to remodel within the same layout. You can add extra details or cover your plumbing lines, or change the wallpaper on your wall instead of painting the whole kitchen. You can also change the décor by adding more plants, adding a floor rug, or updating the light fixtures for an upscale look.


Kitchen remodeling sounds exciting, but it also costs a lot of money. However, renovating the kitchen is not a difficult task anymore. You can remodel your kitchen according to the latest trends without replacing a lot of things. For instance, your cabinets can get a new look with a simple color change. You can make your walls appealing by placing elegant wallpapers, or you can do DIY projects for some decor. A kitchen is more like a happy place to relax and relish meals. If you enjoy what you cook, it has a lot to do with your kitchen interior.

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