How Much Does It Cost to Build a Patio on Average?

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Have you been wondering, “How much does it cost to build a patio?” If so, you’ve come to the right place. With so many different materials to choose from and a lot of tempting extras, knowing what your final cost is for a backyard sanctuary can be hard to determine.

Keep reading to learn about what decisions will impact the cost of a patio!

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Patio? Consider Materials First

A big factor in determining the price of a patio is your choice of materials. Will you choose bricks or concrete? Pavers or Gravel?

And what size will your patio be? Calculate some estimated costs using different materials and sizes. Know what you can afford, and think about how long you hope to enjoy your patio and home.

Concrete is a versatile, popular, and affordable choice, averaging around $8 per square foot. You can get it textured for some extra flair, and it can conform to just about any shape if you’re envisioning an organic edge to your patio.

If you want to make installation easy and cut down on costs, go with gravel. You’ll need to pour (or have it poured) into your designated area, and then maintain it with a rake. At just about $2 per square foot, this is the cheapest choice.

For the upscale patio, choose brick, wood, or pavers. While these materials tend to cost more, they add texture and class to your backyard space.

Investigate Installation Costs

Keep in mind that there will be installation costs unless you take care of that yourself. With a gravel patio, you might be able to handle this with the help of a friend or spouse. But otherwise, you’ll want to have a professional handle the installation. Make sure to get a quote from a builder and compare some options.

The location of your patio can drive up the cost to install a patio. If your ground is not level, it will cost more — or chew up more of your time — to even out the grade.

Another consideration is the location of the patio. While it might sound nice to place your patio further out in the yard, you run the risk of hitting things like gas lines during the installation process. And that translates to a higher cost.

Consider Your Budget for Extras

Do you want to install a fire pit? That could add a few hundred dollars to your price. Adding a built-in kitchen station or bar can do the same.

Other ideas include placing ornamental grasses around the perimeter of your patio or setting out some bright Adirondack chairs. With so many great backyard patio ideas to craft the perfect space, make sure that you do some planning. Set a budget, and choose accessories and a design scheme that will make your patio a true backyard sanctuary!

The Bottom Line

Are you still wondering, “How much does it cost to build a patio?” By now you should know that the answer is complicated. But if you plan with your budget, materials, and extras in mind, you can create the patio you’ve always wanted.

For fresh ideas on how you can elevate your living space, check back with us for more great articles!

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